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private blog network warrior forum

The world of online marketing shows its progress from year to year. Warrior Forum is one of the marketplaces that focuses on some fields like Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Affiliate, and PBN. Whoever has profitable blogging activities is greatly helped by the existence of a marketplace that also crawls as a forum. Private Blog Network Warrior Forum seems interesting to discuss. Since PBN is considered as an effective way, you might need help for this. If you are looking for the best tool, you can try to join Warrior Forum. But before that, following information may help you to get to know more about this forum.

Using Forum Media to Market Products

As stated earlier, the Warrior Forum is not only suitable for those who have one need but more. But for those who don’t know yet, this forum is actually famous for its good online marketing methods. On the other hands, Warrior Forum has a power to market products using forum media. You surely can ask anything including Private Blog Network Warrior Forum.

Exclusive Products and Services Available

The second benefit you can get in joining Private Blog Network Warrior Forum is get exclusive products and services. There will be great deals on internet marketing products, services, as well as trainings that can be useful. You can check out the various needs you want or just simply search. When you click one of the options, there are PRODUCT, LAST POST, REPLIES and VIEWS.

Plentiful Related PBN Issues to Discuss

If previously it was more general, the next benefit in joining Private Blog Network will be more specific on PBN. What problems do you often find when building PBNs? Backlink becomes one of the issues which is very influential in PBN. But not all people can have good strategies and good result too. Therefore, you can learn more from a good place like Private Blog Network Warrior Forum. There are plentiful related PBN issues to discuss. Even you can share your thoughts about PBN among members.…

private website search

Google becomes the most popular search engine used by people. As we know that there are many activities that use search engines like the need of backlink and Seo. Even guest post and PBN also need a role of search engine. But do you know if it’s risky for your privacy? Even though you can search anything you want, but it record and track anything too. There are some information taken when you are browsing such as User Agent and IP address. Based on this issue, you can start to think about using private website search. It seems impossible to remove ourselves from global grid. However, you can try alternatives by using other private website search that protect privacy.


DuckDuck Go becomes the first private website search to try. For those who want a safe search, you surely can use DuckDuck Go. Even though it’s safe, but this search engine has different way which doesn’t track your private information. There will be no leakage because DDC prevents this issue to be happened. It’s true that this search engine is as good as Google. You also can search anything including images and videos. In addition, it also has their own browser that you can download.

Hosting one of the search engine by your own sounds great, isn’t it? SearX is a unique one where it aggregates lots of search source. With the aim of protecting privacy, you don’t need to worry about your IP address. Besides, this private website search also let you to download source code and host on local machine. But you can expect much on this search engine because it’s not as good as Google. While if you don’t host this SearX, you will have to use public instances on GitHub page.


Startpage also can be your private website search. Data accuracy and security are two essentials when you choose Startpage. This has a simple search page without ads. You just simply search something and it will become an anonymous. It takes you to the site via a proxy when you click the result of your search. It shows that this search engine becomes the next good place to private information.


The last private website search to try is Qwant. Did you ever hear this one before? It has the same main aim as the previous search engines before. You really can use it freely without afraid of being tracked. This Qwant is not able to identify or use your personal data. There will be no advertising or other purposes which are annoying.…

setup blogspot

The existence of free blogging sites really helps people for any activities. Did you ever hear about Private Blog Network (PBN) and guest post? As the time goes by, blogs not only a place for those with thoughts but also can be a land of money. It’s really common these days in using blog for online business. Nevertheless, you might find a problem like the domain name. But don’t worry because you can learn how to setup BlogSpot with custom domain. If you use this one of the blog creation sites, it’s necessary to know. There are some points that will help you in setting up your custom domain.

Things to Remember

Knowing the advantages of setup Blogspot with custom domain will be the first thing to do. If you are new in blogging, you might be wondering why should you custom your domain. Yeah, it’s normal because commonly people familiar with the use of BlogSpot URL like “”. This seems boring, isn’t it? You surely can buy a domain name with cheap price from marketplaces like GoDaddy. The process of getting backlink using any strategies will be more maximal when you have a good name that suits your business.

Select the Preferable Domain Name

The next step how to setup BlogSpot with custom domain is select the preferable name. This would be very beneficial for people who want to start an online business. As we know that BlogSpot is a free platform that anyone can use it. But on the other hand, it’s often used by spammers. As the effect, this platform becomes less trusted by people. Therefore, the use of custom name will remove the impression of using a free blog without spammer.

Register the Domain

Once you’ve chosen a preferable name, it’s your time to add register domain name for  your blog. This is very simple to do just by login into the dashboard and Settings. Then you can go to Basics and find a Publishing option. After that, click 3rd party URL and insert the domain which your blog will be hosted at.

Error Message

After adding the domain name with www, you should do the next step how to setup BlogSpot custom domain. There will be an error saying that BlogSpot is not able to verify your domain. In this stage, you have to be patient because it takes a while to configure CNAME (alias) record. Besides, there is also detailed instructions of the CNAMEs. Then follow it and login to your domain control panel and make changes.…

wordpress private blogs

Not only for those who want to try public blogging, WordPress also allows people to create private blog.  There are many reasons why then people want to make it. It’s not just beneficial to post private pictures and share it to your friends and family but also for personal business. You might want to know more about tips in making WordPress private blogs. Whether you use it for commercial or not, you should be careful because there is always a chance that someone wants to access it.

Pay Attention to the Security Plugins

The first element you need to pay attention about is the security plugins. It can help in maintaining technical things that might be confusing. Of course, it must be difficult for beginner in understanding it. But you still can learn about which plugins can secure your WordPress private blogs. There will be different plugins with different features that can be chosen. According to this, you should also be smart in exploring alternatives how to make your site secure.

Add Robots Rules

After deciding security plugins, you still have something else to think about. Adding robots rules become the next necessity in making WordPress private blogs. If you are wondering why, it’s because can be useful when you only want to privatize parts of your website. That’s why you should set up a robots.txt file. It will be great in hiding selected parts of your blog that there will be no crawler find it. In addition, when you are already using plugins, you also can control robots setting like adding robots rules to pages or individual posts in WordPress. This way easier to do because you don’t need any complicated code.

Don’t Forget to Backup Your Site

The last thing you need to always remember in making WordPress private blogs is backup your site. Backup system becomes very important since you own a business. You don’t want to lose all your blog data, right? Therefore, it’s a must to backup your site regularly. You can do it through a private server or local drive.…

private blog networks for seo

As an internet marketing, which technique is preferred for your business? Is it white hat or black hat Seo technique? Even though they are different, but both of them have the same purpose. You might have chosen a safer way like guest post. Yeah, it’s true that this strategy according to Google’s rules. However, you can challenge yourself in building a Private Blog Networks for Seo to get backlinks. There are some points about Private Blog Networks and backlinks you should know. For those who just start in building PBNs, following information may help you in understanding the basics.

Black Hat SEO Technique

You may still be hesitant to have a PBN because you are worried if it has a low Trust Flow. It’s very common since PBN belongs to the Black Hat technique. There are numbers of people questioning is it possible to boost their ranking with only PBNs. Yeah, most of them have lower TF, but there are also PBNs with high authority domain. They will help you to get backlinks without putting your site in danger.

Powerful Strategy in the SERP

According to the previous point of Private Blog Networks for Seo and backlinks, it seems like PBN becomes powerful strategy in the SERP. Even though it’s a black hat strategy, fortunately you can build backlinks in the same way as when you apply white hat technique. Instead of making it to look like a PBN, it’s better to create quality content, write testimonials, and make publications.

Keyword Research

The last point of Private Blog Networks for Seo and backlinks is about keyword research. The result of your PBN actually depends on your own strategy. But it will much effective if you build it wisely to not leave any footprints. It’s surely not easy and expensive that you can take it as investment to make your PBNs look natural. Therefore, you must fix the structure of your PBN including value of the keyword. Keyword research becomes very essential in order to make your PBNs powerfull.…

seo backlinks

If you are a first-time learner of Private Blog Network, you might be confused with backlinks. Since it needs the right strategy, it’s common if you find difficulties. But don’t worry because there are some characteristics of good Seo backlinks to know. This article will help you to note which links are effective in increasing web page rank. Just remember that in building a PBN requires good quality backlink. You should invest more in it so that you can avoid Google penalty.

Backlink from Website with High DA/PA

In order to make your PBN optimal, you probably interested to use backlink service. Yeah, there is no harm to try it. But you should be really selective because not everything offered is safe. Then the first thing you need to check is the DA/PA score. Usually a good website has a contextual link inside. You should know that this type of backlinks becomes preferable by Google. You can get it from guest post, Private Blog Network, or other informative articles.

Low Outbound Link

The next characteristic of good Seo backlinks you should know is it has low outbound link or OBL. As the name implies, this type of backlink comes from articles with less outbound links. Remember that having too much outbound links will decrease its naturalness. That’s why getting low outbound link will be safe in ranking web page.

One Way Link

one way link becomes the third characteristic of good Seo backlinks you should note. It seems so simple compared to 2 ways backlinks because it only leads to one blog. Same as previous type of backlinks, this  one way link also provide powerful impact to your money site.

Do Follow Type

The last high quality backlink type you should choose is do follow. There are actually two types of backlinks which are do follow and no follow. But in order to increase website rank easily, you should choose do follow. It’s because safe and appropriate with criteria backlink from Google. While if you choose no follow, there will be no impact on your website.…