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interlink private blog network

Even though it’s already familiar with its Grey Hat tactic, but talking about Private Blog Network could be very interesting these days. It because still becomes an option for backlink building. You might ever found other ways to get backlinks like guest post. But if you manage a PBN well, you can find it useful. Interlink Private Blog Network is one of the issues which causes pros and cons. Some people argue that do interlinking to PBN will result footprint. But there are also people who have their strategy of interlinking that avoid footprint. So far, do you interested to use interlink Private Blog Network? Before decide it, you can look at some basics below.

What is Interlinking?

Before discussing further about interlink Private Blog Network, we need to understand what is interlinking? It’s a process to link an article to other article on the site you have. Commonly, it requires relevancy to put link on the article to the related one. It’s because the readers will be easier to click and redirected to the related content.

Benefits of Using Interlinking

The second point of interlink Private Blog Network is from the benefits. This strategy is actually common to do in Seo. There are bunch of benefits in using interlinking to get. But how about in PBN? You might be wondering is it necessary or not to do for your PBN. Back again to the pros and cons, the answer is different from one to others. But basically, interlinking will give you some effects related to ranking in the search engine. It will help you to increase the number of visitors at the time when they click your articles which used interlinking technique.

Things to Pay Attention about

Besides benefits of interlink Private Blog Network, you also need to know about the things to pay attention about. Because you have control to manage your PBN fully, you need to do interlinking wisely. You need to look at the anchor text and anchor title to make the search engine knows the content that links to another. One more thing you need to remember is about the value which only works from the first link of a page to another.  But don’t think that interlink is the only way to reach the goal. If you over-board it to your pages, it makes the benefits turn into risk.…

how to tell if someone is using a private blog network

Generally, people who want to build backlink use guest post strategy. But along with the development, there is an option of Private Blog Network. It might be not that difficult to know if someone used PBN because at that time, the Seo industry was not as big as these days. People who wanted to use PBN might be trapped. It’s because people’s knowledge was still less. As the time goes by, they become smarter. There are already Seo specialists who make their PBN site looks like a real site. However, you still can learn how to tell if someone is using a Private Blog Network. Commonly, the most frequently used aspect to find PBN is Domain Authority. If you find websites with lower or at least contains of 25 DA, you should have suspicion on. Not only that, there are still other aspects you should pay attention about below.

Contact Information

As the name implies, Private Blog Network should hide its contact information. It’s because the purpose of building a PBN is to avoid footprint. You can understand how to tell if someone is using a Private Blog Network through the Whois information. Check it out whether it has individual contact information of not.  If it doesn’t, it could be not a part of PBN.

Analyze the Traffic

Traffic becomes the second aspect how to tell if someone is using a Private Blog Network. It’s also the same  like when you reveal the Domain Authority score. Generally, website that can reach the high page rank in the search engine has high traffic also, and vice versa. You can identify the score through Chrome extension named Similar Web.

Relevancy of the Backlink

Besides traffic, backlink also becomes the influential aspect in knowing how to tell if someone is using a Private Blog Network. Relevancy is very necessary to apply for PBN sites. That’s why if you find website with low quality of backlink, there will be a possibility if it’s a PBN. You can check the backlink condition using Ahref.

Less Quality of Content

In line with the previous aspect in knowing how to tell if someone is using a Private Blog is from the less quality content. Whether it’s article or visual like image or video, it should be in a good quality. You can observe which websites are built seriously or not from the content.…

how to setup a private blog network

You’ve probably heard about the use of Private Blog Network to increase website page rank. Yeah it’s true that PBN can help you to build backlink. But do you know that it’s not easy to manage it especially if you have less budget?. Knowing how to setup a Private Blog Network could be the most important idea for you. It ‘s because the algorithm changes from time to time like the latest Fred update Google. When you know how to treat it step by step, you will also get more profit for Seo like guest post. So, let’s focus on how to setup a Private Blog Network in budget below.

Pay Attention about the Domain Price

Domain price becomes the first aspect to know how to setup a Private Blog network in budget. Less budget is the reason why you can’t have intend to own a PBN. There are still some ways to make your plan realized. Choosing the most suitable price will be beneficial for the continuity of your site. But there will be metrics that consist of age, region, backlinks, and other that are also important to think about.

Hosting Preparation

Hosting preparation is the second step how to setup a Private Blog Network in budget. If you make the wrong decision at the time you choose the domain, it will be difficult to pass this process. It’s because there are some elements related to hosting that require more budget. You have to deal with website setup, CMS, and etc. It will cost different per month according to your need.

Decide the Way to Get Content

The third step how to setup a Private Blog Network is decide the way to get content. If you want to avoid footprints, it’s very recommended to avoid low quality content. There are some ways you can try like scrapped, spinned, and duplicated. But it’s not a good idea, you can use more safety way or better if you can create it by yourself, but it could spend more time.

Management Strategy

Management strategy becomes the last step how to setup a Private Blog Network in budget. It does affect the continuity of your PBN in the future especially who want to build large network of PBN. That’s why you need to be smart in planning an efficient strategy that will not mess up your financial.…

how to recognize a private blog network site

Seo industry develops from time to time in line with the imposition of many penalties. Private Blog Network is one of the issues which is still widely discussed by many people today. PBN itself is a collection of sites that connect to each other under the same network. Based on the purpose, it’s used privately to manipulate Google search engine as if your website is recommended. No wonder that there are many people who want to take this opportunity to get backlink. You might ever wondering how to recognize a Private Blog Network site. It becomes more complex when we talk about Google algorithm. We don’t even know the exact criteria that should be pay attention about. But you can look at some points below.

Plentiful Links in a Short Period

Plentiful links becomes the first point how to recognize a Private Blog Network site. Getting link is actually the purpose in maintaining a PBN. But it will be different when it comes to the amount of backlink. If the sites you found have plentiful links, you must suspect it. Especially if people get it in a short period. It will make an impression of un-natural link to the sites. As the result, the owner can’t avoid de-index.

The Same Hosting

The next point how to recognize a Private Blog Network site is from the hosting. Same as the amount of backlinks, you can look at the use of hosting. Commonly, people who do not really intend to make a quality PBN, don’t treat their PBN sites well. They use the same hosting for each site that make it becomes more suspicious.

Less Valuable Content

Even though it belongs to Grey Hat strategy, but treating your PBN like real site will keep you away from footprints. Guest post is the one of the examples. If you have a good PBN, you can utilize it for guest posting. That’s why knowing how to recognize a Private Blog Network site is very necessary. If there is no value of content as well as the linking activity, it could be a PBN. Besides, oftenly the sites that belong to PBN have few posts. It’s very different with money site that has more valuable content.

The Same Multimedia Content

Besides article, you can take a look at its multimedia content. As we know that multimedia contents like video and picture is difficult to create. That’s why if you find some sites that have the same multimedia content, you need to be careful.…

how to make network private

In Private Blog Network, ideally, each domain makes its network private. In the past, the creation of PBN was to get high ranking. That’s why there were bunch number of PBNs existed. But it didn’t not accompanied by the quality. As the consequence, Google de-indexed suspected websites. However, as the time flies, there are  Seo specialists who make PBN becomes more powerful for link building. You can learn about how to create a Private Blog Network. Then you can continue to follow some PBN tips how to make network private. As it’s not included in the White Hat technique, you are as newbies need to make the right decision. It’s because the wrong way you follow, the footprints you will get.

Hosting Multiple Domain with Different IP Address

You can start how to make network private from the domain. Before we plan to have a ready PBN, wee need to buy the right domain. Right in here means that it’s according to some criteria. Commonly, high quality domain has good DA, PA, and TF. You also need to look at the budget you have in buying a domain. After that, optimize the privacy by using multiple domain with different IP address. It’s actually your right to decide the number of hosting. But if you only use the same for all, Google will see something suspicious on your blog. So, it’s better to set it before as well as the IP address, it must be see varies.

Put a Link to the Useful Website

The next step how to make network private is put a link to the useful website. As it’s media to get backlink, you need to link your site to the authority website. Avoiding footprint becomes our concern. Don’t make an impression of PBN. You need to be really careful in treating your blog. Related to the link, it’s better to link only to useful websites.

Make Sure each Domain Links to Money Site only Once

The third aspect you need to think about how to make network private is domain. Linking to your money site is necessary. You need to find a way how to get backlink and give them in return. But you also need to know that linking to your money site will lead you into trouble. As an anticipation, it’s better to links to money site only once.

Design every Page

While from the inside of your PBN sites, you can design every page. Besides applying diversity for the hosting and IP address, website design also takes effect. It will be very beneficial to make your PBN looks like real site. As the result, you can avoid footprint and utilize it for more beneficial activities like guest post.…

how to make blogspot private

Basically, blogging is very beneficial to share anything to public. It’s not only about article but also picture or videos. But there are  some people who prefer their blog private. Besides more exclusive, people who make their blog private will get more advantages you might don’t know. You can learn about the importance of knowing how to make blogs private. It’s not only good for getting backlink through guest post or even the risky method Private Blog Network or PBN. But it will give different result according to your strategy. Blogspot is one of those blogging platforms that you can use. If you want to know how to make Blogspot private, you can follow some simple tips through this article. You can control any activities related to your blog. To hide all contents on your blog, follow simple tips below.

Check out the Permissions

The number one tips how to make Blogspot private is check out the permission. Firstly, login to access your blog. Then you can go to setting, there will be some options related to the privacy. If you let search engine to find your blog, you can edit yes, while to make it private, you can choose “Only These Readers”.

Choose who are Eligible to See Your Blog

After choosing “Only These Readers”, you can continue to the next step how to make Blogspot private. It’s your time to decide who are eligible to see your blog. As we discussed before, your blog becomes more exclusive if you set it privately. For the benefit, you can add the emails of your friends or family so that they can see your blog.

Pay Attention about the Effects

The previous steps how to make Blogspot private was so simple right? But knowing the plus value is still less without knowing the minus side too. It’s because related to the security of your blog itself. As it’s limited to few people, there will be a possibility that one of them will hack your blog. Even though it’s not easy to do, but before you decide to make your blog private, you still have to think about this issue.…