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Getting quality backlink is necessary to improve Search Engine Result Page. You can use SEO Off Page strategy which is an optimization from outside the website. Since there are some improvements in Google Algorithm, it requires people who want to optimize their site become more careful. The use of website for SEO business including guest post becomes very powerful now. If you are going to use SEO Off Page strategy, you need to know about criteria of quality backlink first.

It Comes From Relevant Niche

The first criteria of quality you should know is it comes from relevant niche. Why you should get backlink from relevant niche? It’s because the more relevant the backlink is, the more also natural impression you get from Google.

It must be Contextual Link

The second criteria of quality you should know is it must be contextual link. Contextual link in here refers to the link which is on the content. This kind of link is qualified because it commonly relates to the content of article.

It Comes from Aged Domain

The third criteria of quality you should know is it comes from aged domain. The reason why aged domain becomes preferable because it’s considered has faster way in indexing. Although it’s not always absolute that aged domain has high authority, but using aged domain is more safety to get backlink. According to its benefit, the age domain also used by webmaster to build Private Blog Network or PBN.

It has Good Domain Authority and Page Authority

Still related to the previous criteria, quality can be seen from its good Domain Authority and Page Authority. For those who own website with high authority and trust, Google is not reluctant to give high page rank. As the effects, the quality of the backlink also becomes more powerful. So, if you want to get quality backlink, you can look for website with high score of DA/PA. There are some tools you can utilize such as Moz.

Choose Backlink with Low Outbound Link

Based on the effectiveness, it’s better for you to get backlink with low outbound link than getting outbound link with huge numbers. It’s because the more outbound links, the more also division between links on the same page. Because, it will also give spam impression which is unliked by Google.

One Way Link

In the past, it was necessary to did link exchange which effected to two ways link. But as the development of Google algorithm, it’s no longer effective for getting backlink and increasing Page Rank. It might be because there was people who abuse it. Some people say that one way link is better than two ways link because we get the backlink without giving feedback link.…

For Internet marketing out there, you must be familiar with back links. But for those who are still new in SEO, you need more time to know about what are actually back links. If you don’t know, backlinks are those links which put on other websites in order to link back to your website which is being optimized. Then what’s so important about back links? They are very useful to make your website popular as we as get page rank in search engine. From this simple explanation, you can imagine how important back links are. If you want to know how to get back links to your site, you can look at some simple tips below.

Go to Trusted Websites and Drop Link to Your Site

In this internet era, you should not miss opportunities such as for back links. You can find some trusted websites which allow you to drop link to your site. Lets say when you are looking for any topics, there must be some websites you find it useful. If you ever heard or already know Quora, it’s one of the examples to apply this strategy. You can help people or giving solution for what they ask. At the time you give solution, you can include link to your site.

Add Link to Your Social Media

Besides through specific websites related to your back links need, you can apply it also on your social media. The more social media which allow you to put link to your website, the faster way you get. It may sounds simple, but it does give real effect to your site especially when you have large number of active followers.

Maximize Your Web Content Writing

When you are already focusing on getting back links to your site, you have to deal with web content writing. It’s very different with when you write contents on your website without using SEO strategy. In writing web content writing, you should know well about certain strategy such as readable contents. If you want high traffic, you must create content and give accurate information to the readers. Besides, you must also do research of the keyword which are preferable by the readers.

Apply Link Bait Strategy

Still in the focus of content, you can apply link bait strategy to attract more visitor. But don’t fool them by creating amazing title only because you also must pay attention about your content. It’s your responsibility to create informative high quality content. If you only attract them with the title, they will be disappointed when they read your articles. So, make it balance for the title and the contents. You can apply link bait strategy by putting few parts of articles which related to the content you are writing. Make sure that those few parts can attract readers to open the link and directed to another article on your website.

Write Guest Post

The next strategy you can do is write guest post on other sites. Guest post itself is an act of contributing article on other websites. It’s a strategic way too if you want to get back links to your website. But you must find website with good credibility. It’s because there will be a possibility if ou do guest post on website which already has good image.

Use Private Blog Network

The other strategy to apply in getting back links to your website is use Private Blog Network or PBN. For those who know nothing about PBN, you can learn about what is Private Blog Network first. According to the it, you will know what …

how to find expired domain for PBN

Using expired domain for PBN is a good choice for you. It’s because you can get the new authority site. Imagine that you buy expired domain with good profile which already has targeted traffic and the same price. It sounds so interesting, isn’t it? That’s why there is no harm if you use expired domain. You can learn how to find expired domain for PBN. But you should make sure that the expired domain has a clean link profile and free from spam. So, let’s discuss about how to find expired domain for PBN below.

Looking for the Expired Domain List

Whether you already know it or not, there are bunch of tools and method how to find expired domain for PBN. But at the beginning before you find the right expired domains, it’s better for you to look for the expired domain list. There are some websites you can visit such as,,, and many more. All of these have their own plus and minus. But if you want to choose the most popular and gives complete database list of the expired domain, you can go to ExpiredDomains.netor If you are newbie r want to try only, it’s better for you to use, while for those who own SEO business, it’s better to choose There are also software that you can utilize how to find expired domains for PBN which are Scrapebox and Domain Hunter Gatherer.

Pay Attention About Some Aspects

After you find the right place how to find expired domain for PBN, you can continue to other step. You should pay attention about some aspects. It requires you to analyze the metric which is useful to know do the expired domains you found worthy enough or not to be the money site or PBN. Although the metric are actually different for some people. But you can apply it through some aspects below.

Domain Authority and Page Authority

The first discussion will be start from the DA/PA. Some people say that the higher DA/PA, the more also quality of the expired domain. But it’s actually not the exact answer. The minimum score of DA/PA is different for SEO experts which offer service like guest post.You can utilize a tool named Moz Open Site Explorer.

Trust Flow and Citation Flow

From the TF site, it’s influenced by the authority of websites which provide backlink. Then from the CF, it’s influenced by the number of mentions received without backlink or doesn’t led to the domain itself. But it’s not always high score will be good because there are some aspects to look at. Did it use for spamming or the other reasons.

Looking at the Index

When you want to know about the aged domain, you should check it through the index. Does it indexed by Google or not. You can type this word on Google “site: (the domain name).com”. It’s very important to look at because you can see the quality of the domain including the language.

The Age of Domain

Looking at the age of domain also teh next step how to find expired domain for PBN. For the types of expired domains, it’s good to choose domains which at least 1 year or 2 year is better. You can get it from or

Checking the Backlink

The next step of how to find expired domain for PBN is checking the backlink. This is the crucial point which is is useful to know the performance of the expired domain in the future, whether it’s for money site or PBN.…

what is available domain

When we talk about domain, what comes to your mind? For those who still confused with the definition of domain, it’s actually a name or URL which consists of alphabet, number, and special character such as ( – ). In simple, domain is a unique name used to identify name server and helps us to remember the website’s name. As the developing SEO world, it requires people in getting domains. One of the examples you can found is the use of expired domain. Availability is important to know because you can find which one is available. That’s why learn about what is available domain? first. There are somethings you should know about this available domain. If you want to know more about some information about what is available domain, you can learn them below.

Register Status

For those who don’t really understand about any domains, it might be difficult to get what is available domain?. But for more simple, available domain is the expired domain which is not own by anyone yet. If you want to know more about what is expired domain, you can read the previous article. There will be some focuses such as its function in Private Blog Network or PBN. So, all the domains which we can buy are available domain. Do you get the point? If you are still confused, it’s more focusing on the status. It’s between registered or not registered yet. As it’s strategic to use expired domain to amplify your SEO campaign. You should buy the domain which is based on your need such as the budget.

Identifying through the Providers

After understand what is available domain through its status, you can learn more about the other thing. Before you found the available domain, it requires you to hunt the domains through some providers such as Dynadot, Namecom, and Namecilo. You can easily identify which domains are available in these places.

Next Step to Do

After knowing which domains are still available on the providers. You should get the point that domain which already registered, you can’t find it in other providers because someone already own it. But for those available, you can find them in all providers. After that, you can apply the next step in knowing is it still alive or not through -> site: (enter the website’s name). If it’s still active or alive, there is the home page when you are searching it, or vice versa. When you already checking the “alive” domain, you can then buy it and do setting. After that, you can use it for some activities for SEO such as guest post.…

what is expired domain

Buying domain is very common for those who deal with internet business like guest post. Whether it’s for private website, company, or money site aka the main website to get profit, it requires you to have domain. Do you already know any types of domain? There are some types you can buy from marketplace such as expired domain. But what is expired domain itself? Why should you buy the expired one instead of new domain? Wait, don’t be in hurry in knowing some important things about what is expired domain? You can learn about some points below carefully.

Brief Introduction

What is expired domain? It’s a domain which is not renewed by the owner until specific time. There are many reasons why then expired domain not longer belongs to the owner such as budget reason. Commonly, the domain registrar give you a chance to renew it in 30 days. If you forget or straightly have no money to do it, you will simply loose that domain. As the result, the domain registrar do auction of the expired domain. The bidding will last for 7 days and give the domain to those higher bidder.

Then what about the reasons you should buy expired domain. Why don’t we buy new domain? When you buy new domain, it will require more time to spend because you must start it from the beginning. But, if you buy the expired domain especially with the high Page Rank value, you will be easier to set backlink building strategies. Since it’s used by the previous owner, you can utilizing it by using SEO techniques to get more backlinks. It means that you are just reusing domain which already managed before. So, you can get more efficiency including avoid Google penalty.

The Function

The second point you should know about what is expired domain is the function. There are some main functions which are very useful to apply. Firstly, it can be your money site or main website for earning. With its authority, expired domain is potential for money site. Secondly, it can be Private Blog Network or PBN. If you don’t familiar yet about what is Private Blog Network, you can learn it first. But using expired domain for PBN can boost the money site’s ranking in search engine. There are many SEO experts who utilize the good quality of  expired domain in getting backlinks to money site. Thirdly, it can bypass the link juice to a new domain with 301 redirect techniques. However it’s not good to apply by beginner because it will be at risk.

Some Things You Should Pay Attention About Before Finding Quality  Expired Domain

There are many things you should pay attention about before finding quality expired domain. The first tips you must remember is about the domain name. There is actually no rule about domain name. But it’s good for you to not choose domain name which consists of full number such as or in simple, at least the name is readable. Secondly, you should pay attention about the age which is minimum of 1 year. It’s because when you choose domain under 1 year, there must be something to suspected. Thirdly, you should take a look at the Domain Authority, Page Authority, as well as the Citation Flow and Trust Flow.…

PBN perfomance for backlink

In this internet world, it’s really necessary for you to know how to get over the search engine. It’s because the use of website for some purposes  such as for SEO are dominating now. You want your website to be on the first page in search engine, don’t you? You can use Private Blog Network or PBN. It’s considered as a good option in getting backlink to make your money site goes up. You can learn about PBN perfomance for backlink through this article. But before that, it’s better if you have a comprehension about how to build PBN site. After that you can get the point of PBN perfomance for backlink easier below.

It’s More Convenient to Use

For those who want to know about the PBN perfomance for backlink, you can see it from the time you use. Different when you choose natural backlink or not using PBN, it will require more complex strategies. But if you use PBN, you will get that benefit to be free in maximizing you way about how or where to build the links.

Increasing the Flow of Link Juice

Increasing the flow of link juice is the second PBN performance for backlink you should know. As it’s free for use to manage our PBN, you can create targeted anchor text and inter- linking between sites. As the effect, you can increase the flow of link juice  to the money site. PBN will show its performance through the content you publish with links to your money site. The more blogs with good authority you have, the more also link building you get.

Reach the SERPs in Short Period

What is the third PBN perfomance for backlink you should know? It reaches the SERPs in short period. As the effect of existing authority that sites in a PBN, you can expect your keyword reach the SERPs faster. It’s because your PBN is considered as authoritative network of sites. As the result, the PBN backlinks will influence search engine to push your site up.

Eliminating the Risk

When you learn about basic information in the previous articles, you will get the point of what is PBN. One of the points is it belongs to grey hat strategy which is not really safety to use. But it gives fast tracked link building. When you use white hat strategy like guest post outreach, it will need more effort in creating amazing content and reach out the target for your contents. But by using PBN, all those link building process becomes easier. It can be said that PBN can eliminate the risk of getting zero result in doing link building.…