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For the internet marketers who have been long enough to know the world of IM is in touch with SEO, must have known the term Google Panda. Google Panda is one of the main algorithms that Google currently has. The algorithm is one of the most important to support the justice of search results through Google search engine. Google Panda has revolutionized how Internet marketers market towards SEO, and gives the impression to anyone whose Google rules are just for profit.

Google Panda

The beginning of the Google Panda

The beginning of the Google Panda algorithm entered in early 2011 in February. At that time officially Google announced the birth of this one algorithm. The target you want to reach becomes a filter of quality content in search engines, and open to “kick” a variety of low-quality content or that do not implement SEO efforts.

It is true, the main site of English site trap in the American region can cause the effect of organic traffic down. But that is the beginning of the actual Google Panda effect. As mentioned earlier, Google Panda has revolutionized for online marketing players, related to creating content, strategizing keywords or setting marketing targets. Algorithm this one, in addition, can see the quality of the content, is also a pioneer of quality link gauges or links on a site

Google introduced Google Panda in 2011 has several times to get updates both major and minor-major. Happy Birthday to the update, with the 4 major update divisions. The amount may be less precise because Google does not always open information related to the algorithm they apply. Here are some major updates:

Update Panda 1.0

February 2011 is the birth of the first version of Google Panda. The purpose of this is to eradicate sites that have the lowest quality content, especially those whose purpose is to target certain keywords. Initially, this algorithm targeted only sites originating in the Americas and about 12% of search results.

Update Panda 2.0

Not long ago, in April 2011 Google again issued a major update for the Panda algorithm. This time the target is no longer a site that comes from America alone sailors also sites that have international keywords in English.

Update Panda 2.1

Because in May-July 2011, sequentially Google released updates Panda 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3. But in general the effect remains the same, the more sites that have low quality become victims. While on the other hand, not a few crowded sites to deliver quality content, gaining even greater organic traffic.

Update Panda 2.4

Google introduced this update in August 2011. In a report from an internet marketer Michael Whittaker, delivered the main target of an update related to conversion rates and site engagement.

Update Panda 3.0

Appeared in October 2011, the update has become good news for some great sites. Because of reports of analysis results, some sites such as FoxNews and opinion an increase in the amount of traffic is quite large and can be certified position on Google search results.

Update Panda 3.1

Still, in 2011, the following updates Panda 3.1 came up with a few. Mentioned, this update is only about 1% search results at that time. However, the confinement is only 1%, this figure still gives a relatively large effect on sites that have quality content.

Update Panda 4.0

The last major Panda update series is 4.0, which started in May 2014. Spoken by Matt Cutts, so this update is the latest generation of Google Panda that has a different algorithmic structure. Reportedly, the update in 2014 is proven monster gave birth to …

The marketing mix is the term used to describe the combination of the four major shaping core systems of an organization’s marketing. The four elements are product offerings, pricing structures, promotional activities, and systems. Thus, mix marketing is a concept how to put the right product at the right time, place and the appropriate price. This is what became known as the 4p’s marketing mix concept.

Although the company’s management mix can virtually strengthen marketing and some external forces can still be a goal. The four elements in the marketing mix (4p’s) are related to each other. For more details, I will explain to the four elements are as follows:


Managing elements of the product include planning and development of the right product. To change products that require strategy, add new products, and perform other actions that affect various products.


In determining the price, management must determine the right base price for its product. Management must determine the strategies concerned with discounts, freight payments, and various other variables relating to price


Promotion is an important part of building relationships between companies and the outside world. As companies launch new products, the right marketing strategy is a promotional strategy. Promotions can be made through advertising, individual sales, or sales promotions. In the digital era like today, there are so many media that can be a place for companies to conduct promotional activities.

The place

Marketing distribution activities aim to find marketing excellence and look for corporate partners. Distribution activities are also associated with proper channel selection. So it can build and distribute products timely and without significant power.

Furthermore, the concept of the 4p marketing mix is experience expansion into 7p’s with the increasing concept of people, process, and physical environment.


People deal with internal parties that exist within an organization or company. Both the management and the elements of the existing employees must jointly uphold the companies that are also the organizational culture that is also one element of the concept of these people.


The process is related to the existing system within the company. Better payment systems, distribution channels, etc., will have a good impact on marketing processes outside the company.


Physical the environment is related to physical conditions that directly relate to the marketing process such as comfort, facilities, clarity, and others.

Well, so the concept of the marketing mix that became the most reliable strategy in doing marketing, both 4p’s and 7p’s concept. Maybe useful.


Starting an online business is actually fun. Success opportunity is great enough if you do it seriously and according to your passion. Most people also need a small capital to start an online business in the modern era as it is today. Given the difficulty of obtaining capital in large numbers. Once you are confident with the small business online capital you choose then the use of SEO as one of the business strategy is very important.


SEO is a series of processes that are done systematically and have a goal to improve the quality of traffic visits through search engines to a particular website. Although now many online business people who use SEO in the small capital business and with large capital though. There are still many who still make mistakes in their use.

For that, we provide a way to start a small online business. With SEO as an overview, you may very well need a small capital business.

1. Creating Blog as Source of Money

The first step in getting a business is to create a blog, but you should not be careless in creating a blog because of many factors to consider in building a blog. If the capital you have to open a business is really minimal when you can choose a free blog by loading it through blogger. Actually, there is a WordPress blog rival, but a little difficult if you have too little capital.

Not only up there alone, other important things to consider in addition to creating a blog is a blog name and blog design. Choose the most attractive website design and also make sure not too heavy to open, Next, the name of the blog also try to be memorable so easily recognized by many people.

2. Setting up a Blog

Setting up a blog is a work that is not easy to adjust between what is your expectations with what you have now. Successful ways or tips to set up a blog is to imagine yourself as a visitor to your own blog, then look at what you think is less interesting and what needs to be addressed. From there will come a variety of questions that can build a blog for the better. Next, look for the best solution to resolve the question. Many good sources can be a solution for you. From this process, you as a small capital online business can learn about many things. Maybe once in a while, you may fail, but the mental champions who continue to rise will bring you to be more successful again.

3. Developing a Blog

Developing a blog is one of the most important and influential things to your online business success. The essence of a blog development is SEO, then followed by many other factors. With good SEO skills, you can bring in traffic from Google and that’s what will live your blog.

4. Make Sources Of Income From Online Business

In all stages, this is the most fun part. When your blog already has enough traffic and can be in monetization then you will get money that certainly not small. Not to mention if you make your own blog as a place to sell. Lots of online businesses that can run from a blog that you have built.

Next, to know more obviously you can see the following video:

Thus information on how to start an SEO online business with small capital. Hopefully useful and successful greetings!…

The average entrepreneur uses the website as a means to market their products. They definitely do not want their website ranking down. Many things can make website rankings go down. Here are the things that can make our blog/website rank down in famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines.


  1. Many keywords: Do not excessively use article keywords. Moreover, adding keywords that do not fit the article. Search engines will assume spam and also will not ignore the main keywords in the article.
  2. Keyword cheats: Do not include too many keywords that do not fit with the article because we can kick in the search engine.


  1. Outside links are numerous: Google does not like blog pages that contain many links if you must create 100 links on each page.
  2. Excessive link: Adversely affects the ranking of our blog if you have too many links from and to a similar site.
  3. Links to sites that have a bad reputation: Links to sites that have a bad reputation can lower our ranking in search engines. Examples of sites that have a bad reputation are sites that use illegal SEO techniques, such as engineered keywords, blogs that are plagiarism articles from other websites, hidden text and links, and other violations.
  4. Cross-link: Do not cross-link. Cross-links occur e.g. when site A links to site B, then site B link to site C, and site C link back to site A.
  5. Unseen link: Do not create links that are invisible to humans, as this will be known as an attempt to manipulate search engines.


  1. Illegal content: Posting the exact same posts with other blogs can cause our blog to be kicked from search engines.
  2. Hidden Text: Search engines dislike blogs that have hidden text (e.g. hidden inside frames).
  3. Frame: Do not use frames, because frames are very bad for SEO.

You may ask, how long does it take to get a good ride on search engines? how does a search engine find a website? or maybe you asked how to make the website appear the first-page google? how to make the website appear the first page Google, not as easy as you turn the palm of the hand. even if you already do the trivial as keyword research and other optimization, because to get the best place then your website must first have a rating, rating that then makes your website so authoritative google as a search engine will be able to easily find your own website. Marketplace guest post.

marketplace guest post

So the challenge of a new website is to create authority first, let Google know that the website is a natural website is not a website that deliberately pursued the rankings. Due to raising the website rating on google the only way is to focus on giving what Google needs.That is a normal website without doing activities that violate the rules of Google.

Raising website rating is different by increasing visitor traffic. If the visitor is a visitor then the rating is ranked. in this case, not all websites that have a high ranking can get a lot of visitors because the ranking can also be assessed from the age of a domain while a new website can also get a glance get a lot of visitors. one that causes a lot of visitors because of something new or something viral again.

So How to Increase Web Rating in Google Quickly?

There is a way that this can be done easily without trying to put backlinks here. The trick is to do a promotion. StAndaritasnya, doing a promotion is to introduce your website. when it is known then created the name pageview when pageview more and more visited then created a page rank or commonly called the Page Authority and then your website can get an authority. Which means your website has been trusted by search engines because humans have often visited your website. from where the rating is created.

But promotion is not enough because you want it to happen quickly, so you have to pursue several things. Among them promote social media share, advertise, or optimize SEO website.

These three things will greatly help your website to get a high rating quickly.

But of those three things, there is one that actually dominates in order to create a natural rating. ie let the search engines know our website, by increasing SEO in google.

How to improve SEO on google

Remember that all your optimization efforts are for search engines, not for your website. the websites you give and search engines receive. if it is good then it will be lifted and vice versa if ugly then it will be left alone. that’s the term for SEO; Search Engine Optimization. optimize the website for search engines.

So How to Get a Website Easy to Find by Search Engines? And How to Improve Website SEO ??

The first thing you should do is enter your website search engine. so that later can be found by search engines Seo language is to index our web property to google. how to enter a blog to google search engine is also very easy. You can submit URL or register directly to google webmaster tools.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization for a business today is a new thing for Businesspeople using Internet Marketing techniques. SEO has become a “weapon” for years for business people who implement Internet Marketing Strategy. Those who have or have already used SEO have been a great success. But there are still many new businessmen who are still unsure of the results they will get if using SEO. For those of you who are still hesitant about SEO, here are some SEO benefits that you should know.

SEO for Increase Website Traffic

The main benefit of SEO is to increase the traffic of your business website. SEO will work to make your business website on top Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. At least your website will be on the front page. But to be able to get optimal results, you also have to do it well and correctly.

Promotion Continuously

This is different from advertising in print, television or radio. SEO You can always build a business with your website every time continuously. SEO will work to attract the attention of prospective customers or local buyers to consumers who are abroad without knowing the time.

Increase Brand Credibility

If the better you often optimize your SEO, it will be easier for people who use search engines like Google and others to get to know your business brand and will become your customers. So, to be able to optimize your SEO, the easy way you can do is to always use keywords or keyword the right or the most and often sought by consumers. So with a very, your business website can be ranked top in search engines.

Wider Market Reach

You can run your business domestically, and it does not matter if overseas consumers recognize your business as well. With SEO as well, you can expand to market to the world.

Cheaper advertising costs

Compared to your advertising in print media such as newspapers, television or radio, with SEO you can ride or advertise your business with a relatively cheap price. In fact, if your Marketing Strategy fails, you will not feel any shortcomings You can change your Marketing Strategy with SEO A without you needing to pay any more costs.

So, some SEO benefits, SEO has huge potential that may have never existed before for the company. You can grow bigger by relying on SEO. So are you interested in using SEO for your business? hopefully, the above information can be useful