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what is private blog network

Optimizing website is very important in SEO world. There are some ways that can be applied by every website owner such as using Private Blog Network or PBN.  But do you know what is Private Blog Network? For those who are new in SEO, Private Blog Network is a powerful strategy to get high quality backlink. If you want to know more about what is Private Blog Network, you can take a look at some basic information below.

What are in Private Blog Network

In this Private Blog Network, there are a group of blog networks which consist of expired domains with good profile. Good profile in here means that they have high Domain Authority as well as Page Authority, quality backlink, and of course they are expired. This kind of way already attracts many people because of its significant result. It can improve money site in search engine results pages or SERPs. But because it manipulates the backlink source, you should be careful with PBN. If you don’t do it safely, you can’t avoid Google penalty. There are some ways to make your manipulating process runs more naturally which are don’t spamming and use one same registrar with different IP Hosting.

The Reasons to Use Private Blog Network

There are some benefits you can get in knowing what is Private Blog Network. Firstly, you have that control to manipulating the backlink source. How many numbers, quality, and content can be arranged by the owner. It’s really not easy to do backlink because it spends much time, channeling effort, and resources into securing a link. So, if you use PBN, you can solve these problems. Secondly, it can save lots of time because you don’t have to build relationship. You are as the owner not only become the link owner but also the link builder. As the effect, you can get the result more quickly including the authority.

Tips  How to Treat Private Blog Network

After knowing what is Private Blog Network from the reasons to use PBN, you can follow some tips how to treat PBN. Because we should do it safely, we should know what Google wants. It’s better for us to make more natural articles by writing them manually. Create readable and unique articles to attract more visitors. Don’t forget to check the originality by using plagiarism checker. Besides, it’s also good if you publish the articles regularly, is it weekly or monthly. One thing you should remember is to use the backlink wisely. This is very important tips to follow for anyone especially who own guest post business.…

seo guest post

For those independent guest posters, you might be expert about how to do guest posting. But as the time flies, everyone who are in this guest posting field need more improvements. It can be seen from some aspects such as time and energy. When you have to deal with independent guest posting, you will spend much time and effort. There is no wrong if you do this way because you get advantages of guest posting. But if you think you need more help, you can look for Seo guest post service or company. It will help you to get all the benefits in guest posting more efficient including visibility. Do you want to know more about how does Seo guest post improve visibility? You can see the explanation below.

It Helps with High Quality Content

In improving clients’ visibility, Seo guest post provides some strategies. Creating high quality content is the first strategy you can get. You don’t need to think much about what should you write because the provider offers content writing service. It knows how to create content which attracts readers. Based on its experience in helping people, you don’t need to worry anymore with trusted guest post service.

It Allows People to Comment and Share

Still related to the content, the Seo guest post also allows people to comment and share. This is the second strategy to improve your visibility. The more people can see your existence through the content, the more exposure you get. People will be easier to find your website through the search engine and absolutely your visibility increased.

It Publishes the Content on Relevant Websites

Publishing the content on relevant websites is the third strategy from Seo guest post. When you are looking for more than one marketplace guestpost, all of them offer this strategy. They make you sure that they publish your content on high authority and relevant websites. It’s easier for you to get exposure because people tend to read anything from trusted sources.

Set Strategy to Get Traffic

Set strategy to get traffic is the next step done by the Seo guest post. It requires good skill and experience to make people sure in improving the visibility. As we discussed before, Seo guest post knows which site fits your content well. It doesn’t drive large number of people only but also targeted readers who are in your subject area.…

buy guest post

There are two choices for guest posting you can do which are using the free way or buy guest post service. For those who don’t have time to do manual way, it’s good for you to use the guest post service. You just simply go to the trusted provider and get what you want. But you should know that it will spend some fee according to what goal you want to reach.

The Website You Want

When you want to buy guest post, the first thing you should pay attention about is which website to publish your guest post. Using the provider’s service means that you want simplicity, right? That’s why it’s better for you to choose the right provider which give easiness of choosing website. Observe some websites which sell guest post and pick one suits your need as well as the budget. Besides, you should look at the metrics such as domains and monthly traffic. These are what to expect from buy guest post.

Real Website and Traffic

Don’t easily trust the provider which offers the convincing service. Make sure first that it provides you a real website. You can contact the website and ask about anything you want to know. But for those who offer high quality, the websites are commonly owned by the provider itself. Besides, the websites also must reach minimum of monthly organic traffic. So, if you choose the right provider, you will get the benefit of real visitors.

Contextual Links in Accordance to the Niche

The next thing what to expect from buy guest post is contextual links in accordance to the niche. Since you use the guest post service, the provider will create articles according to your target URL’s. So, the topics are around it or it can be said that it’s relevant with your niche.

Natural and Safe Backlink

The last thing you can expect from buy guest post is natural and safe backlink. It’s actually not always safe to do link building. But commonly the guest post providers already have a strategy to minimize the risk. They convince you that they do guest posting properly as the strategy for link building.…

guest post strategy

Guest post strategy is important to improve when you want people to recognize you more. After learning about how to do guest posting in Seo, it’s your responsibility to bring your guest post into the next level. This article will give you some strategies of guest post to apply. Although these below are simple, but they can boost exposure if you do it properly.

Choose the Type of Guest Post

When we want to do guest blogging for Seo, of course we must know our target. We can’t choose website randomly without knowing that they allow guest posting with the same niche or not. Still related to this, it’s a good idea if you choose the right type of guest post. Observe which type that can give you authority or exposure. Mini group interview, inspirational post, or infographic are the examples that you can write on guest post.

Mention Anything Important in Your Bio

The second guest post strategy you can do is mention anything important in your bio. For those who are allowing people for guest posting, you should mention the additional information. Who are able to do it or how you can help them. The more freelancers or guest posters know these who and how, the more wider target you will get. Firstly name it who are you then connects it with your goal for guest posting. It’s good also to add your email link so that your clients can contact you easily. While for the guest poster, you can do the same which give the link to your website.

Be Active in Replying the Comments

The third guest post strategy is be active in replying the comments. If you are new or already done many guest posts, you should also make it more effective. Build relationship is always important part in guest posting. Sometimes, reader can recognize something from our post more than us. That’s why it’s a medium for us to learn. So, if you want people to contribute on your website, you should build a good relationship with your audiences.

Do More Guest Posting

The last guest post strategy to follow is do more guest posting. Although in our point of view that we send the best guest post, but it doesn’t always give us the targeted goal. There will be a day when your guest post doesn’t get the good feedback. It’s okay because there is still way to make it better by do more guest posting. The more articles you create, the more also you will get the opportunity. But make sure that your articles can help people.…

how to find guest blogging sites

For those who are new in guest blogging, you might be confused where should you submit your guest post. It’s because finding the best site spends more time and energy. You may will find bunch of websites through the Google search engine, but they can be both valuable or vice versa. That’s why this article gives you more tips of how to find guest blogging sites. It will guide you to find the right website in simple ways below.

Adjust to the Niche You are Focus on Right Now

The first way you can do how to find guest blogging site is Adjust to the niche you are focusing on right now. Use Google and type keyword phrases which describe your niche. For example if you have business niche, you can type “how to make a business” or “business tips”. After that, there must be many blogs appear on the Google. It’s better for you to make a list using Excel to make you easier to identify the blogs later.

Use the Queries

Besides adjusting to the niche, you also can use the quotes. It’s a simple way that can help you to find the blogs according to your needs. Type your keyword and add quotes such as “guest post”, “write for us”, “submit post”, or “submit article”. In the full example, type Business Tips “write for us”. Use these queries to find out which digital marketing websites need contributors.

Use the Right Tools

The next tips that you can follow how to find guest blogging sites is using the right tools. When the manual way still doesn’t give you the effective result, you can use backlink analysis tools. Although it spends money, but it’s a powerful way to use. Start it using trial and if you see the advantages, you can continue to use the service from the recommended backlink analysis tools such as BuzzSumo, Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, and SEMrush. Besides knowing how is the link building of websites, you also can find the guest blogging sites by simply input any URL of the websites you’ve found.

Compare the Websites You’ve Found

After you’ve done with the previous tips how to find guest blogging sites, you can compare the websites you’ve found. Put them all on the list including the domain score, trust score, site, URL, email, name, and length of the article. Then, you can investigate them one by one whether they are worthy or not. This comparison and the steps before are useful for anyone not only for the guest blogger but also for the people who sell guest post service.…

how to do guest posting in seo

If you are ever wondering does guest posting work in Seo, you should know if it’s true. Guest blogging itself is a common method in marketing and offers many advantages such as in this Seo. Although it sounds simple that you are only need to submit the guest post on the other commercial websites, but you should learn more how to do guest posting in Seo. The are some steps that you can learn about how to do guest posting technically. Bu it’s not enough if we only use those ways. There are more tips of how to do guest posting in Seo to be more effective.

Optimizing the Rank on Search Engine

After learning about the basic guest post tutorial, you should do more effort which is optimizing the rank on the search engine. Based on the guest posting requirement, it requires us to insert link in every guest post. So, if you are only focusing on creating high quality content, you also think about the rank on the Google Search Engine. It’s because the website which has rank attracts more traffic. Besides from the authority site’s link, you will get more benefits from the inbound link to the article.

Use the Old Post to Promote

The second idea you can try of how to do guest posting in Seo is use old post to promote. It’s not difficult to find the target in guest posting because there are already websites with  targeted audiences. But you still have to improve it by doing the other strategy which is utilizing your old post. If you have those old quality content of articles, you can reference them through the other’s guest post or the articles on your own blog. It will step by step attract people to know your content more and gives more traffic. So, if you want to try this way, you should find the websites which promote old posts.

Set a Long Term Strategy

The third idea of how to do guest posting in Seo is set a long term strategy. When you are doing guest posting, don’t think that it’s only for today. Make sure yourself that your guest posting will give you purpose in the future too. So, do it consistently by creating the articles more than once on the same website. It will help you to get repeated exposure to the website’ audiences.

Apply the Same Right Strategy on the Other Websites

When you already follow the previous tips of how to do guest posting in Seo, you can continue to the next step which is applying the same right strategy on the other websites.You want to spread your wings wider, don’t you? That’s why you should make your guest post more effective by creating high quality contents on the other websites. Improve your exposure on more than one websites.…