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No more stories where you have to carry your hard drive where you go because cloud-based storage service here can be the best storage place right now. Google drive for dropbox becomes your cloud data storage solution online and is available to you with their access at the place and time where internet connection is available. Looks very practical of course, and when you upload any data you have you will surely feel it-will data that sensitive information. Well now with the various steps as below will make you more secure.

Back Up Local Data

When it comes to managing data is to always have a backup for your data. In general, it is a good practice to create electronics for each of your data so you will still be able to access them even when the original data is lost or has been corrupted. There are many storage services available on the market today, which means you can set up multiple cloud accounts for backup purposes.

Avoid Storing Sensitive Information

Very doubt there is such thing as real privacy on the internet, personally, I would not trust storing confidential files on the cloud. Call it paranoia, but my identity theft and I just do not want to take it all away.

Use The Cloud Service That Encrypts Data

One of the easiest ways to keep your privacy while using cloud storage services is to find one that offers local encryption for your data. This provides an additional layer of security because decryption will be required before you can grant access to the data. With the additional step of encrypting and decrypting your data, you probably already have your files with your cloud takes a little time. That said, it is a pain that is required to go through if you want the documents to be accessible by you and your own.

Use Strong Passwords

You can ward off hacking or cracking attempts. There are tips on the internet on what makes a good password. In addition to going for a strong and unique password, be sure to change it frequently and not repeat it in all other online accounts you have.

In addition, you can also verify two more secure steps for your login if your cloud service offers a choice. In the case for google drive, users must log in to their first google account to use the cloud storage service. Two verification steps can be enabled for your Google account – verification codes sent to the mobile phone provide additional security. Maybe useful


Although now people can easily create their own photos thanks to the help of advanced technology, such as with an HP camera or pocket camera. Even so, this was not able to discourage the business of photography. This business is still in great demand and needed by the community. This is not separated from the innovation and creativity and intelligence of business photography to see the prospects and opportunities that exist.

So what can be done to open a business in the field of photography? For those of you who still do not know it, here I will give tips and ways of the photography business, which promises profitable results and also easy to do, even for those of you beginners, as long as have a strong will.

Established Photo Print And Digital Studio

Do not be mistaken in the digital era and smartphone cameras that increasingly sophisticated and quality will make the business of photography so withered. On the contrary, it becomes more supportive. Why? As more and more people take pictures ria then he will print them in your studio. For example, mothers who like to take pictures of their children, will want to photograph the print. Teenagers who like to do selfie and take pictures with friends, usually also have a desire to print the photo.

Establish Cooperation With Event Organizer

This sideline business is already common, cause it is in the business search market and proved to be very in demand. And for some segments like wedding organizer and pre wedding, you can get big advantage, because the tariff of photography is expensive.

Step For Business Business

For those of you who have no background as a photographer then there are some important things you should do to start this business. Learning photography is definitely mandatory, but before that you should have a great interest first, without it, everything will feel heavy to run. Learn how the technique, and all the ins and outs, by fixing the camera can you too. In photography there are some important things or main elements: the aperture spedd, aperature, and ISO. Each camera has a different character. You have to understand camera sensitivity, blur, and so on.

Doing Business To Be a Freelance Photographer

To start a photography business, you can also try to become a freelance photographer. There is nothing wrong with this. I myself have some friends who work as freelance photographers, and they also have a pretty good one. If later with the results of this zero effort can achieve success, it will certainly be a life story that will not be forgotten and can even be an inspiration for others. There is no easy thing in this life, because that is then your duty to try hard and keep trying to work and produce something meaningful. To start you will need capital to buy cameras and other equipment. Then promote the services you offer.

Make Sure You Uphold Quality Service

Many people fail to run a business because they do not maintain the quality of their services or products. So consumers get disappointed and leave. And in the photography business, the quality of the services and products you produce will largely determine whether your customers will survive or not. It will also encourage the arrival of other consumers, as it assesses your work well.

Well for some tips and ways to do business in the field of photography. Every business is nothing easy, there are always obstacles and challenges. You have to be ready to get over it, wrong with having a lot of knowledge in …

The virtual world offers a myriad of good business alternatives that we can do anywhere. Digital marketing activities that are very important in business today. Even the science of digital marketing also has a very high selling value that is able to make the owners of this science have competitiveness in the business world.

Digital marketing itself is divided into many kinds, and the discussion this time we will discuss digital marketing using articles posted on the for marketing activities. However, articles that are created are not articles at random, but the articles that do meet the specifications, and this discussion will discuss the professional ways of writing website articles for digital marketing expressed directly by professional digital professionals who may be different from our digital marketing implementation this night. We just see below, here’s how to professional website writing articles for digital marketing:

Title Article Optimization

The first thing to do is to identify the target market. You have to judge and see it starting from the type of product you offer. The title of your article should be relevant to the contents of the discussion, this is the aspect which you have to meet if you are serious in your digital marketing and indeed want to run it successfully. A good title is a title that contains keywords or keywords. Use keywords that are good and also relevant or have relevance to your business and discussion. So that both the article, the business and the keywords are aligned or the same. This is a powerful way to optimize your titles so that your subject or article becomes interesting and nice to listen to many visitors as well smooth your marketing interests.

Beneficial For Readers

Your article should have a clear section. There are three parts that you must fulfill in your article that is the opening paragraph, the contents of the discussion until the closing paragraph, this is a good article post. Likewise, you should place a supporting image or description on your website so that visitors have more interest to see and read it. Try using keywords long type relevant keywords and have few competitors so that your article more likely to be seen by many people.

Sharing Postings To Social Media Accounts

Once you have finished creating the article and posted it on your website, you should also run this stage. Here you have to share in social media accounts like Facebook to get great opportunities to get visitors or additional views while improving your SEO quality.

Here’s the professional way to write website articles for digital marketing that you can sample and begin to apply in your digital marketing activities. You can also consult or seeking help to create articles through halo services website. Good luck.