A Quick Way To Improve Blog Performance

When you have implemented the SEO system on the blog then you think this step can only be done alone. But apparently, this is not true because SEO edit gives a very strong influence for your blog can enter the first page on google. Edit to change the effect SEO does not need to be done every day, but from time to time. Here are some ways to edit SEO proved to make a blog has a high ranking of visitors:

  1. Eliminate Broken Links In The Blog

One way to get visitors to increase in blogs is to create a special link. This particular link that will be guaranteed with your blog is also readable on some other link defenses. Even for links from other sites. You can take advantage of the facilities from google to get the level of link validity and. I found a broken link or wrong code then immediately fix. If there are many broken links on your blog then this will make it difficult for Google to penetrate your blog.

  1. Avoid Incorrect Coding In Blogs

Validation of coding in a blog is very important to improve your blog experience into the first page of search sites. To avoid coding errors then avoid complicated coding as well as special need. It’s better to choose a simple coding but can make loading pages work faster. In addition, it’s time to use a really easy design page loading. To do these tips then always done anytime if there is coding in the blog.

  1. Check The Speed Of Your Blog

You should also be diligent to see the speed of loading your blog page. Blog loading page speed can be one of the strengths to increase the chances of blogs appearing in google. There are several steps you can do as only with the correct format, the size is light, and do not forget the flash. You can measure with the facilities offered by Google to find out how fast loading your blog.

  1. Original Keywords And Images

Keywords become one of the ways to do SEO optimization on the blog. You should try to get keywords with low keywords in for each blog content. If you have keywords with high competition then the chances of appearing on the search page are very small indeed. You can also with original images with watermarks that can support copyright proof. This is better than always taking pictures from google facilities.

Ideas to edit SEO already installed should be done regularly. You can not let blogs work alone without doing anything. Then try to keep up with Google’s policies so you know which ones are and should not be.