Backlink Strategy to Get Traffic

In developing SEO business, the experts are applying backlink strategy these days. It’s because this…

backlink strategy

In developing SEO business, the experts are applying backlink strategy these days. It’s because this strategy is considered to be an effective way in getting good website reputation. You can take an example from the other websites which are connected to a web page with relevant anchor text to its content. If this relevancy exists on the web page, it can make the web page itself receives reputation from other websites. This is a simple illustration in understanding the idea of backlinking. if you are going to build backlink, you should be careful about some points below.

Submit Your Guest Post to Major Site

Knowing where the place to get backlink is the first backlink strategy to apply. You can do guest post which is contributing relevant articles to the other websites. For those who still don’t have enough knowledge about guest post, you can learn about how to do guest posting. After knowing what are the steps to do, you should know continue to apply this first strategy. When you submit your guest post, you will not only drive traffic back to your website but also the authority. But you should be smart in choosing the referral websites. If you build a relationship with major site, there will be a chance to get more marketing possibilities including the backlink.

Promote Your Site Through Social Bookmark

The second backlink strategy you should apply is promote your site through social bookmark. According to some sources, submitting articles in social bookmark give a real benefit. Basically social bookmark is a site which is used in order to bookmarking articles from various websites. As the effect, the articles you send through social bookmark will get bigger traffic aside from Search Engine.

Join the Right Forum

The third backlink strategy you should apply is join the right forum. It’s also an effective way to find a medium to get your name out. When we look at its display, forum looks similar with comment session on website or blog. But you should learn more about the forum itself, is it relevant with your website or not. If you find the forum helpful and suitable to get backlink, then you can inform how your website can relate to the discussion.

Build Backlink in Web Directory

The fourth backlink strategy you should apply is build backlink in web directory. Since its existence for years, web directory has the similarity with archive pages or large libraries. But in fact, there are many people who don’t know more about it. Although it’s not a safe place to get backlink because Google looks it as the only way to get backlink, you still can reach your backlink goals if the websites directory manage themselves well and supplying meaningful content to their listed sites. One thing you should always remember is about the reputation of web directory before you build backlink through this.

Use Private Blog Network

The fifth backlink strategy you should apply is use Private Blog Network or PBN. Based on its freedom to manage and control the PBN, many people utilize it to get quality backlinks. Although it’s risky, but you can apply safe ways to avoid the Google Penalty. Besides freedom, using PBN will give you faster way to increase traffic. As it’s from the expired with some criteria, you can manage PBN by applying strategy like creating long tail keywords or share the articles using social media.