Creating a WordPress Private Blog

wordpress private blog

Are you going to have a work project or offering limited paid content? You may be agree with creating a WordPress private blog. Since it becomes one of the best network used by bloggers, you have that benefit to make it profitable. Blogging is not merely to share information but greater than that. If you ever heard about Seo or Search Engine Optimization, this what can help you to target quality traffic through blogging. Even there are alternative that utilize platform like guest post and PBN to get backlink. But this article will focus on making your blog private.

What’s the Reason?

Before creating WordPress private blog, you should take your time to think about the purpose. If you never tried it before, WordPress allows you to protect post or content, even the reader. There will be a limitation of these aspects to set. Choose a way how users can access your protected content. For needs, you will get more information in the next points.

Popular Plugins to Use

Whatever the reason you have, understanding which plugin that suitable for your need becomes necessity. There are most popular plugins you can try like Subscription Blogs, Membership Levels, and Community Building. As the name implies, these plugins will limit the contents from subscribers, member, or community only. While if you want to make your contents totally hidden from search engine, you can choose Private Blog. You will only share the contents to the people you want.

User Roles

Besides focusing on creating a WordPress private blog from the content, you also have to know about the user roles. There are three options which are Author, Administrator, and Editor. All of them can actually view, create, and edit posts. But to delete the private blog, each of them have different limitation. Administrator and editor can delete any private post, whoever made it. While for the author, you can delete your post but can’t view and edit private posts created by other user.