Easiest Blog Site to Choose for Newbies

easiest blog site

Blogging becomes a great way for you to connect with the world. There are many reasons why people use blog such as for passion, hobbies, or even business. Sharing information through blog could be so useful if you can utilize it well. If we look at the internet world, people try to get business opportunity by using the Seo strategy. You might ever know guest post through blogging or even Private Blog Network or PBN. But not all people have that ability to maximizing their blog  such as for backlink. If you are newbies, you still need to look for the easiest blog site to use. It’s actually not easy to choose blog site because there are those popular that you might know. But for the easiest blog site, which one you prefer the most? If you are confused, you can look at some recommendations below.


Who don’t know WordPress? It’s the most blog site used by everyone in the world. It has lots of plugins and add-ons which make you easier to customize. So, for those who are newbies, it can be your easiest blog site. It’s because you have that full control in designing your blog and implement a WYSIWYG system which are useful for those who are unfamiliar with programming language and HTML.


Blogger becomes the next option for your easiest blog site. This free blogging platform is very suitable for those who just start to blog. It’s because you can simply create content, publish, and add photos. Besides, it also let you to add widget and edit HTML. If you want to use Blogger, you just need to have Google account.


Because its quickness process in creating, Tumblr also include to the easiest blog site to use. Just less than a minute, you can start to use your blog. Besides, it’s also user friendly because it has timeline page like Twitter. You can follow the other bloggers and see their activities through your timeline. So, you don’t only can create content but also sharing photos and GIFs.


Easy to use features also can be get through Weebly. Drag and Drop are the most useful facility offered by Weebly. For those who know nothing about coding, this platform is very suitable for you. It will give you a control to customize HTML or CSS on your blog. There will be also many simple and interesting template to make your blog more professional.


The last easiest blog site to choose is Medium. But it’s preferable for those who like to write. If you consider yourself as an insightful writer, this is a perfect medium for you. But you can’t make your writing to be a money field because this platform not built for sponsored content, pop ups and banner, or the other related reasons.