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Private Blog Network is actually important for your Seo efforts as well as business. It…

google report private blog network

Private Blog Network is actually important for your Seo efforts as well as business. It because helps to optimize you site in increasing web ranking. But you will come into trouble if you can’t treat it right. If you want to know how to build PBN site, you can learn it first. When you are sure to have PBN, it means that you are also ready for the risks. As it belongs to Grey Hat tactic, you really need to be careful. Google report Private Blog Network is the issue on this article. The need for or not to use PBN depends on yourself. But it’s not a must to manage a PBN because Google doesn’t like it.

Hacking the PBN only to get backlink is one of the reasons why. It’s actually not wrong to make backlink through private. But no relevancy might be what makes most of the PBNs penalized by Google. That’s why there are many people who want to try better way like guest post and utilize social media. If you want to know more about Google report Private Blog Network, you can look at some points below.

The Change of Algorithm

Algorithm is the one most related to Google report Private Blog Network. It’s not a strange anymore if Google changes its algorithm from time to time. Besides, it also has various algorithms and each has its own tasks such as Google Panda, Google Penguin, and the latest is Google Fred. As the effect, you really need to be more careful in managing a Private Blog Network. You can learn more about anything related to algorithm from Seo forum or community.

How does Google Discover Your PBN?

As the name implies, PBNs generally are supposedly harder to trace. It because keeps the feeder sites only to a set number of outgoing links and sites. But the fact that the demise of link networks make many people offering links through these networks for sale. This what causes Google easily find your Private Blog Networks. There are still other footprints that become speculation from some people. As we know that managing PBN need different strategies. If you don’t want to get penalized, you should avoid using the same hosting, domain registration info, and use the same blogging platform. For instance, it’s better for you to not only use WordPress for all the sites you have.

How to Go forward after being Penalized

Get penalty from Google is not the end of everything. Get up again and looking for better solution. You still have time to go forward by making recovery plan. Focus more on the quality of content and website homepage. Remove the contents that you think weak and improve it with better article. While for the website homepage, you can fix the layout and complete it with About page and Contributors page.