Guest Blog Post Guidelines Tips

guest blog post guidelines

According to the power of guest blogging, we can get the audiences across the globe. No need to ask anymore about why guest blogging is important. It already becomes one of the strategies to get a fame. But you should know about guest blog post guidelines first. If you want to collaborate with the other bloggers to improve your credibility, you can let them to post articles on your website. Making a clear post guidelines is the thing you need to think about. There are some tips how to create guest blog post guidelines below.

Set the Proportional Requirement

Plan a clear post guidelines will avoid you to some problems or miss understanding among both parties. That’s why knowing how to create guest blog post guidelines is necessary. The number one of guest post guidelines to set is about the proportional requirement. You can learn from the other popular website, which criteria that can suit your website and the gust poster. Don’t make a standard which can make both of you difficult to reach the goal. For instance, you can select which length of the article that can be put on your website. Besides, don’t forget also with the originality, language, and uniqueness of the articles. You also can tell the bloggers is it fine to republish the guest post or not.

Give Preferable Topics

After done with what you expect from the bloggers, you can continue to the next step of how to create guest blog post guidelines. Giving the preferable topics is necessary to do. Create a list of what topics you think it’s best to discuss on your website according to what you like. But it’s also fine if you want to discuss some topics you don’t expert at. Both sides can share their ideas and choose which one is the most preferable by the readers.

Link Policies

The next step of how to create guest blog post guidelines is set the link policies. You should give the bloggers a clear link policies so that there is no miss understanding. Tell which one you want them to do in linking the articles such as is it to the internal link of your website or the other link needs. Also don’t forget to specify how many link that they can allow in the articles.

Add Post Image Requirement

After dealing with the link policies, you should think about the next requirement which is the post image. But it’s your preference to allow the bloggers add the post image or not. But adding the post image can attract audiences to read the articles.

Formatting Preferences

Formatting is also important to tell to the bloggers. Inform them how the format you prefer the most for the articles. It can be from the paragraph or subheading. It will make them create the articles easier based on your preference.