How to Approach for Guest Blogging?

how to approach for guest blogging

Are you already familiar with guest blogging? If you are freelance writers and want to make your blog be known, it’s a good idea to try guest blogging. There are some reasons why guest blogging is important. When you are sure with this, you should know how to approach for guest blogging. Don’t worry if you are newbies because we will help you with steps of how to approach for guest blogging below.

Set a Clear Purpose

In the first step before you approach guest blogging, you should set a clear purpose. Is it only for fun or you have a goal you want to reach in the future. Keep on your mind which purpose you have. But certainly, you write the articles with reason. If you do it for business purpose, you should be more specific or strategic.

Find the Right Website

When you already have a clear purpose, then you can continue to the next step of how to approach for guest blogging by finding the right website. Make your searching to be more specific with sites which allow guest posts. There are many sites with some niches like technology, family, finance, and many more. If you are looking for the guest posting sites 2018, there are some examples such as, Tech Gadgets, and SurveyMonkey Blog. For more choices, you can search it on Google.

Learning the Current Posts and Guidelines

The next step how to approach for guest blogging you should do is learning the current posts and guidelines from the website you found. To make the blog owner recognize you, of course you need to know anything about the website itself.  Before you write your pitch, it’s good for you to read all the guidelines through Google Search Engine. After that, you can learn from the website’s current posts and observe which are the things you should keep on your mind. It can be from the format, topics, or writing tone.

Choose a Good Topic

Choosing a good topic becomes the next step you should do for guest blogging. Good here means that it’s relevant with the niche of the website. Write relevant article and offer solution to the topic you are discussing. But if you have more than one ideas, you can write a brief explanation of them.

Pitching Yourself Properly

After choosing the right topic, it’s time for you to pinching yourself. But you should do it properly by sending email with the effective content. Show him/her that your pitch is different with the others. Let them know that you’ve done research and can help them to increase the traffic. One think that you should always remember is don’t send very long and boring story about yourself. It’s better for you to tell them in brief including the portfolio and the link to your site.

Be Patient to Wait

The last step of how to approach for guest blogging is be patient to wait the answer of your pitch from the blog owner. There will be possibilities why they don’t reply it yet. When the blog owner responds or accept your pitch, it’s your time to write the article according to the guidelines.