How to Boost Private Blog Networks?

private blog networks

Do you feel dissatisfied with the blog network that you are building? Yeah, it’s kind of frustrating when you can’t optimize your effort. Along with the different effect of Private Blog Networks, you might find it difficult to boost the potency. Different with White Hat techniques like guest post, there must be some reasons why your PBN can’t work as targeted. It could be from the selected domain or articles that do not meet the requirements of a good PBN. Don’t be afraid because Private Blog Networks still work well. These Following tips may help you in maximizing your effort.

Reactivate the Old Page

For those who use old domain, there must be a possibility that the pages you created before were missing. According to this case, you can reactivate the old page. It’s because the page still has good power to increase quality of your PBN. If you are wondering why, you can turn it on with relevant content and URLs so that the power will not be lost in vain.

Pay Attention to the Traffic Flow

Traffic flow becomes the next focus how to boost potency of Private Blog Networks. In the past, there might be no different between PBN with or without traffic which mean that both are good. But as the time goes by, Google updates its algorithm. It’s difficult for us to identify our faults. However, PBN with visitors usually comes from organic search. That’s why you have to pay attention to the traffic flow since it affects Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Owning Good Backlink Profile

The next step how to boost potency of Private Blog Networks is owning good backlink profile. It’s as important as when you treat main website. Your PBN also needs good quality of backlink to strengthen its authority. It can be said that the better backlink profile, the good also result for your blogs. There are some ways to collect backlinks like through social media.

Don’t Over Optimize Link

Internal link becomes the next focus to boost potency of Private Blog Networks. If you don’t know, organic way always safe for the continuity of your PBN. You can try to create internal link naturally. But remember that don’t over optimize link. This is very important because the existence of internal link can give a signal that you own a normal site. Also make sure that the related categories in the PBN are interconnected.