How to Build a Private Blog Network Tips

When it comes to build a Private Blog Network, we need to know about footprint….

how to build a private blog network

When it comes to build a Private Blog Network, we need to know about footprint. It’s because we need to leave no print for our PBN. For Seo expert, it’s not that scary to use this Grey Hat tactic. But it will be different for people who never tried it before. You can learn how to build a Private Blog Network with no footprint. But before that, it’s better for you to learn about beginner to advanced guide to building a Private Blog Network. When you already know it step by step, you can continue to apply some points below. It’s very important to avoid your Private Blog Network from Google de-indexing so that you can use it for profitable backlink or guest post.

Create Your PBN like a Real Site

When you are sure to use this blog network, it means that you know how to do it safely. Managing a PBN is not easy even it requires more money. That’s why don’t mess your effort up by breaking the rule. It’s necessary to create your PBN like a real site. This is the first step how to build a Private Blog with no footprint. You might be wondering why people still use it if Google can penalize it? But it is not directly penalized for any existing PBN. Google still needs to look at some criteria. As an anticipation, you can treat your PBN using White Hat strategy.

Avoid the same Pattern

Avoid pattern is still related to the previous step how to build a Private Blog Network. Since you are managing a private blog, you need to avoid the use of same theme, layout, plugins, etc. It’s because your purpose is to make your PBN looks like a real site. The same pattern will make Google suspicious and de-index your PBN.

Don’t Try to Use Shortcut

The third step how to build a Private Blog Network is don’t try to use shortcut. As it’s not easy to make your PBN works instantly, you might ever thought to use any shortcut. There is actually no one who disallow it. But back again to your purpose, where will you bring your PBN?It might give you a fast result, but there will be also no guarantee if your PBN will be away to be de-indexed.

Investing Your PBN More

Investing more is the fourth step how to build a Private Blog Network. It’s very necessary to think about long term strategy. Investing your PBN more would be do beneficial for your future. Keep in your mind about getting natural link, creating original readable content, and apply relevancy. All of them will lead you into effective result of PBN.