How to Build PBN for Guest Posting

Private Blog Network and Guest Posting are two different things. But, you can utilize these two as the methods of link building to gain authority. It actually depends on which way you prefer the most? But many people assume that if you want a long term marketing success, it’s better to use guest posting. But you can maximize guest posting through Private Blog Network. You can learn how to build PBN for guest posting in this article. It will give you some steps which are necessary to do how to build PBN for guest posting.

Use Aged Domain

Basically, the use of PBN is for getting the high quality backlinks. They are from aged domain with Domain Authority, Page Authority, Page Rank, as well as the good backlinks profile. So, when you want to build PBN for guest posting, the first step you can do of how to build PBN for guest posting is looking for the right aged domain with DA and PA 20+.

Set Different IP Hosting

The second step of how to build PBN for guest posting is set different IP hosting. You should know first which target you want to reach for money site. Let’s say when you use English for money site, it’s better for you to use hosting with the same language.

Create Interconnected Content

The third step of how to build PBN for guest posting is create contents which have correlation . You can make the content more variative by creating which are not far different with the origin article. In the other word, the contents are still related to the previous articles. Don’t forget also with the originality because this what makes the contents look natural for Google.

Set a Proper Page Format

The fourth step of how to build PBN for guest posting is set a proper page format. Proper in here means that it contains of header, paragraph, images, video, and outbound authority link. Although it may looks simple, but this display can optimize your PBN site.

Do Link Building with Inner Page

The fifth step of how to build PBN for guest posting is keep the Page Rank of your aged domain. You can utilize the inner page from the different domains with Page Rank. If you apply all of these steps, it can develop The SEO such as for guest post.