Nowadays, when everyone is buying the product from online shopping, there are many marketplaces that are growing rapidly. You may be wondering how to create a website to sell the product? Having your own website to sell your product could be more advantageous than using marketplaces, social media account, or chatting applications. With your own website, your store will look more professional and gain more customer’s trust easily. The bigger customer even the corporate customer that usually buy in a large number of products usually will look at the professional website than the marketplace. Here is some list that can show you how to create a website to sell the product.


How to create a website to sell the product? Choose the right domain. A domain is your website identity. A specific domain could be your address that will be easily found by the customers. You can create a website that contains your brand on the domain. You have to choose a domain that not only suitable for your online store but also can be easily found and promote your products.


How to create a website to sell the product? Choose the most suitable theme. Nowadays, many people tend to choose to do online shopping from their smartphone, rather than the computer or notebook. Make sure to choose the theme that suitable both on mobile version or desktop version. Look for the theme that offers a variety of color combination and background pattern. It would be better if the background and the color could be changed by yourself.

Website Content

How to create a website to sell the product? Upload the product’s material. After everything is settled and available, you need to prepare the product material or service that you offer. You can start with the product pictures, description, price, and also the explanation on how to order it.

Maintain Your Website

The last part of how to create a website to sell the product is maintenance stage. You need to be ready to upload various content such as text and photos into your website. You also need to redesign or give a change from time to time to your website. This way will make your website appear more attractive to the customer.