How to Determine a Private Blog Network from IP Addresses Info

Providing backlink as well as sending link juice is the characteristic of Private Blog Network. But in the eyes of Google, it belongs to not safe method. That’s why for those who want to have a PBN, you need to manage it carefully. There are some elements that you should set properly like keyword and hosting. But Internet Protocol Address is also as important as the other elements. It’s a unique number to identify every device that is connected in the network. If you are going to manage PBN, you need to know how to determine a Private Blog Network from IP addresses. You should make it difficult to identify if it’s a link network. It’s because if you don’t apply different IP addresses, it will be difficult to away from Google penalty. That’s why follow some points related how to determine a Private Blog Network from IP addresses below.

What is Private IP?

For those who are already dealing with Seo, you must be already know about what is Private IP. If you are wondering why it’s private, it’s because can be accessed only from local network. It means that you can’t access without using a router with NAT or Network Address Translation features. The purpose of Private IP is used for local network to connect fellow computers. This is the first point of how to determine a Private Blog Network from IP addresses.

IP Class Division

What’s next you need to know is about the IP class division. There are three classes which are Class A, Class B, and Class C. For those who use very large number of hosts, you can choose Class A IP address. It because consists of 8 bits for network IDs and 24 bits for host Ids. For the Class B, it consists of 16 bits for network IDs and 16 bits for host ID. It’s suitable for those with not too large numbers of host.While for the Class C, it consists of 24 bits for network IDs and 8 bits for host Ids. It’s good for those who use small size of network.

Related to Private Blog Network, you should make the IP address safe. Make sure that your PBN sites have variety of Class IP addresses. It’s because when you only apply the same IP class, it will make your PBN less effective to rank to your money site. As the result, you can optimize it more such as for guest post. Even, it will cause de-index which is unfavorable.