How to Evaluate a Private Blog Network

how to evaluate a private blog network

Treating a Private Blog Network is not easy because of its risk. We can’t be freely in managing as we want like the real site. That’s why following the rule is necessary to do. As we know that PBN is used to manipulate links. Google will do a manual review to find any suspicious sites. Google will conduct a manual review of sites suspected of cheating such as the use of this PBN. You might find it difficult in knowing how to evaluate a Private Blog Network. But there are already many Seo practitioners outside who found PBN amazing for SERP. If you want to start to build a PBN or already managing it, it’s good to check some important points about how to evaluate a Private Blog Network below.

Link Building Activities

Link building is the first element you need to observe about how to evaluate a Private Blog Network. You need to have strong oversight for any link building activities. Educate yourself more in learning anything related to PBN include the link schemes. Back again to its Grey Hat tactic, you need to make sure that anyone who builds links to your site should follow the guidelines. It’s because will away you from the impression of building PBN. As the result, you can utilize it as a medium for guest post.

Quality of the Article

The next element you need to look at about how to evaluate a Private Blog Network is quality of the article. If your site ever de-indexed by Google, there would be a possibility that you publish content with less value. The uniqueness and the originality are two aspects you should apply in order to get good backlink as well as top page rank in the search engine.

Niche Relevancy

Still related  to the previous element how to evaluate a Private Blog Network is niche relevancy. As the advantage of using PBN, it will be easier for you to make relevant niche as the backlink source. This can be an evaluation to make your PBN to be more secure. You can post article on PBN based on the relevant niche.