How to Find Guest Blogging Sites

how to find guest blogging sites

For those who are new in guest blogging, you might be confused where should you submit your guest post. It’s because finding the best site spends more time and energy. You may will find bunch of websites through the Google search engine, but they can be both valuable or vice versa. That’s why this article gives you more tips of how to find guest blogging sites. It will guide you to find the right website in simple ways below.

Adjust to the Niche You are Focus on Right Now

The first way you can do how to find guest blogging site is Adjust to the niche you are focusing on right now. Use Google and type keyword phrases which describe your niche. For example if you have business niche, you can type “how to make a business” or “business tips”. After that, there must be many blogs appear on the Google. It’s better for you to make a list using Excel to make you easier to identify the blogs later.

Use the Queries

Besides adjusting to the niche, you also can use the quotes. It’s a simple way that can help you to find the blogs according to your needs. Type your keyword and add quotes such as “guest post”, “write for us”, “submit post”, or “submit article”. In the full example, type Business Tips “write for us”. Use these queries to find out which digital marketing websites need contributors.

Use the Right Tools

The next tips that you can follow how to find guest blogging sites is using the right tools. When the manual way still doesn’t give you the effective result, you can use backlink analysis tools. Although it spends money, but it’s a powerful way to use. Start it using trial and if you see the advantages, you can continue to use the service from the recommended backlink analysis tools such as BuzzSumo, Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, and SEMrush. Besides knowing how is the link building of websites, you also can find the guest blogging sites by simply input any URL of the websites you’ve found.

Compare the Websites You’ve Found

After you’ve done with the previous tips how to find guest blogging sites, you can compare the websites you’ve found. Put them all on the list including the domain score, trust score, site, URL, email, name, and length of the article. Then, you can investigate them one by one whether they are worthy or not. This comparison and the steps before are useful for anyone not only for the guest blogger but also for the people who sell guest post service.