How to Identify PBN Baclinks Service?


Assuming that you are managing a Private Blog Network safely, it must be really  great for link building. But this illicit network violates Google guidelines. It’s very different when you use the organic way like using White Hat Seo. Outreaching could be a good strategy to improve visibility. Creating great content and follow up the target with email are the examples. Then how about the PBN?Of course it becomes harder as it doesn’t belong to White Hat. That’s why it needs more effort in finding the best PBN backlinks. But you don’t have to do it alone because there are companies that offer services like guest post and this PBN. You can focus on how to identify good PBN backlinks service below.

Look at the Domain Age

As the main requirement, domain becomes the aspect in identifying PBN service. This what will be used to connect the backlink. Then quality of backlink can be influenced by the domain itself. Same as when you want to recognize a Private Blog Network site, Commonly people use aged domain. It’s actually not the only way, there are still some domain types you can choose based on your need. Besides, you should look at some criteria like Domain Authority and Page Authority. If you prefer the aged domain more, there will be a possibility that you get better and reliable results.

Average Referring Domain

The second aspect you should be careful of is referring domain. If you don’t know yet, it’s the domain which backlinks are coming from. There will be some efforts you should do when you are managing a PBN by yourself. You have to deal in learning more and more how to get backlink and so on. So, the existence of PBN service becomes very helpful. You just need to analyze more the service include its average referring domain.

It Should Provide Less Outbound Link

Now it’s your time to focus on the link aspect before using this service. Did you ever heard about OBL or Outbound Link? This aspect might make some people confused. There are some questions appear like “is it harmful with more OBL site?” But yeah, sometimes it looks more spammy which is not good for the sites. According to this issue, you can be more aware in choosing a service. Don’t only interested with fast and great result only. The more details like OBL should be keep in your mind too.

Re-Check the Trust Flow

Once again, before decide the service, you must re-check the Trust Flow. It’s a score that shows the quality of website which is calculated from 0 to 100. When you go to provider or company, there will be some packages of service you can choose based on the criteria include Trust Flow or TF. It’s good if you choose one which has more than 30 Trust Flow score.