How to Make Free Private Blog Info

free private blog

Due to information sharing reason, there are many people who use blog. Besides simple, it also can be utilized more to earn money by utilizing Search Engine Optimization or Seo. If you want to be a blogger, you need to choose a blog first. There are two types of blog which are free blog hosts and blog hosts with fee. You can choose one of them which the most suitable. But everyone’s need is different from each other. For those who want to share something but don’t want the world to see, it’s good to choose free private blog. If you want to know the reasons why, you need to look at the information below. But it’s truly different with Private Blog Network or PBN because your free private blog can’t be used for backlink and guest post.

The Benefits of Using Private Blog

Before knowing the steps, you can learn about the benefits of using private blog. Even though it’s different from conventional kind of blog, your free private blog also beneficial for information sharing. As the name implies, it will be in the scope of people you know like family, friends, or anything related to family events. For instance, when you want to share your baby photos with people around. Besides, you also can use it as your own private diary or even project collaboration.

How to Make Your Blog Private

Now it comes to know how to make your blog private in detail. There are actually some options that you can choose for free blogging sites like Blogger and WordPress. But since the most using blog is WordPress, this article gives an example through WordPress. You can go to dashboard and click Options. After that, you can choose Privacy and see a set of options. It’s not as difficult as you think because you just need to choose the protected blog option then add the preferred usernames to access to your blog. But there is a limitation of protected blog for only 5 members.