How to Search Guest Blogging Sites

how to search guest blogging sites

In building reputation, you absolutely need to try guest blogging. But there is something you need to be careful of how to search guest blogging sites. It’s not easy to find them not because they are limited but it’s more about the quality. When you are not be careful in trusting website or blog to be your partner, this will get you into trouble. So, what are the steps of how to search guest blogging sites? Find them out below.

Prepare Your Blog with a Related Niche

The first step you should do before submit your guest post is having a blog with a related niche. It’s a must to have a blog with a professional design because it can build your credibility. Imagine that you want to do guest posting but you still don’t have that blog with good standard. There must be people who underestimate you. Besides, you also have to be already active in creating high quality contents on your blog. Those will make your way easier to get a trust from the websites or blogs you want to cooperate with.

Observing which the Most Valuable Site

The second step you should do of how to search guest blogging sites is observing which the most valuable site. Before you look for the opportunity, it’s better for you to learn one by one of the websites you found. Because it’s not easy to know the quality of the site, there are some aspects you should pay attention about such as target audience demographic, online authority, and the contents related to your niche.

Social Profiles to be Presented

The third step you should do next to approach for guest blogging is having social profiles. Existence is very important in these digital era, especially if you want to do guest blogging. Just like when you are applying for a job, the person who has the authority to accept you will check out your social media profiles. That’s why it’s preferable if you utilize your social media properly by adding the bio and the link of your website or blog.

Determine which Site Allows Guest Post

The fourth step you should do of how to search guest blogging sites is determine which site allows guest post. Be at the obvious places by looking at the “About Us” or “Contact Us”. From these two, you can know do the websites you found allowing guest posting or adding the guest post blog guidelines on the websites. If it’s difficult for you to get the site, you can go to and search some words such as “submit a guest post”, “submit your post”, and “accepting guest post”.

Make a List of Influential People

The fifth step you should do of how to search guest blogging sites is make a list of influential people. When you are in the community with the same niche, you should know who are those influencer with the authority of attracting wider audiences. After that, you can make a list and know more about them and the content they create.