How to Treat New Private Blog Network Secret + Free Domain Secret

new private blog network secret + free domain secret

Passing down SEO link juice to websites is the main purpose why then people build a Private Blog Network. It’s one or more sites (domains) that can be used to rank the main website in the search engine. Commonly, PBN comes from the sites which were already available before but no longer in use. Because of the previous authority and links pointing to them, you can re use them again from some purpose like getting backlink or offering guest post service. However, it requires more strategy to make your PBN safety. You can apply some tips how to treat new Private Blog Network secret + free domain secret. It’s very necessary to avoid people in identifying your PBN. Don’t let them determining if your sites are  part of a PBN.

Avoid Using the Same Name Server

Applying diversity could be a safety way to treat new Private Blog Network secret + free domain secret. Name server is something you need to pay attention about in building a PBN. If you don’t want to get detected by Google, you should avoid using the same name server. It’s really not a good idea because it means that you are creating massive footprint. As the result, Google will suspect your sites manually or based on the algorithmic.

Use Quality Hosting

Using quality hosting is the next way how to treat new Private Blog Network secret + free domain secret. Hosting the sites you have on different platforms will become your focus now. As it’s not cheap to develop a PBN, you might ever think about an alternative way.Utilizing low quality or cheap hosting will be harmful for your network. So, if you are a newbie, you should learn more about planning budget too.

Scheduling Relevant Contents

What you should do next in making your PBN looks more natural? Contents becomes the next aspect that affect your PBN. It’s not a good decision to publish too many articles that can turn them into footprint. Besides, relevancy also becomes very important for the continuity of your sites. You can apply the next tips how to treat new Private Blog Network secret + free domain secret. Start it by scheduling of contents consistently as well as the relevancy.

Create Unique Email Address and Registration  Information

Back again to diversity, you should also think about Whois Information. This is the next focus to make your new Private Blog Network secret +free domain secret. In registering your domain, you will get that freedom to hide your real identity. Don’t try to make an impression if you are owning PBNs. Using the same Whois information to all sites you have is a big no. Make sure that you create unique email address and registration information before.