How to Treat Private Blog Network Domains?

private blog network domains

Private Blog Network surely can be a relevant backlink source if we can build it in the right way. Although this technique belongs to the black hat by Google, but building PBN is not totally dangerous. What you should do is know how to maintain your Private Blog Network domains. Of course it’s not easy, however it aims to provide backlinks and send juice links search engine results page. If you still get difficulties related to your PBN, you can take a look at the discussion below.

Why Do Many PBNs Eventually De-Indexed?

For warming up, we need to discuss about the most common problem. You might be frustrated when you find your site de-indexed by Google. No need to elaborate on the reason intricately because it’s clear that your blog is discovered by Google. At the same time, this means that your site also manipulates SERP without giving more values. It’s very different when you use white hat like guest post. There will be less complixity occurs.

One PBN for One Money Site

The amount of PBN numbers for money site becomes the next focus for your Private Blog Network domains. When we talk about strategy, there will be different ways that everyone does. You are as a webmaster also have a freedom to manage PBN by your own. But sometimes people don’t really care about the number of domains in building a PBN. They tend to make PBN to be backlink source for some money sites without knowing the effect.

However, you can try a strategy by using one PBN for one money site. There will be around 30 blogs to form a Private Blog Network for one money site. This is a safe choice for people who are focusing on a scale of 20 to 30 blog networks. If you are wondering why, this is because very beneficial to make you focus on one money site. Besides, it will also avoid your blog networks to leave a trace or footprint.

Learn How to Make PBN Safe

The next essential for your Private Blog Network domains is about the security. As the webmaster, you should learn how to make PBN safe. If you are not ready for the consequence, don’t try to treat each blog from your PBN carelessly. There are some aspects you should maintain well like the contents and blog design to look as natural as possible.