How to Use PBN for Guest Posting Tips

how to use PBN for guest posting

According to the advantages of using Private Blog Network, we get many convenience such as controlling our PBN site. The reason why then Private Blog Networks gives strong impact in ranking your website is because it impresses that your sites get backlink from several powerful sites at once. Do you want to know how to use PBN for guest posting? You can surely utilize this PBN for guest posting to get link back to your money site. There are some tips which you can follow how to use PBN for guest posting below.

Manage Your Content Strategy

When we talk about how to use PBN for guest posting, of course you should know first how to build PBN for guest posting. In the previous article, you will know the steps in building PBN technically. But to make you more focus in using it for guest posting, this article will give you some tips. For those who own SEO business including guest post, you can manage your content strategy. Just remember that the purpose of owning PBN is to resemble it like the other high authority sites. So, in doing guest posting, you should not use low quality content. Create high quality content which is original, readable, and it’s better if there are no grammatical mistakes.

Develop Your Content and Link Out to Other Websites

Before you want to link to your money site, you should develop your content and link out to other different websites. After you’ve found a niche related domains, you should make your site real and interesting. But it’s not a good choice if you publish article with links to your site. It’s better to develop it to few different sites first.

Ensure the Authority Websites Content Links Align Each Other

The number three tips of how to use PBN for guest posting is ensure the authority websites content links align each other. Although PBN gives us faster way in reaching our goal for link building or authority, but we still do it carefully. You should pay attention about your other authority websites. Don’t ever try to reach Serp results improperly because you will be dealing with Google. Ensure your and other authority websites align to each other.

Don’t Repeat Anchor Text Again and Again

Besides content and authority websites, you should also pay attention about your anchor text. This is the number four tips of how to use PBN for guest posting to follow. Always remember about footprints. Don’t repeat anchor text each time you link to your website because it will bring you into trouble.