Identify Private Blog Networks Elements

For people who are already in the world of SEO, you must be know how sophisticated Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are. But for those who are new, you might ever heard  it too. PBN is not a strange thing anymore for activities in SEO like guest post. Even though it’s not a safe to use, but there are still many people who use it these days. It’s actually everyone decision to use PBN or not. But if you are still afraid, you can follow tips to make Private Blog Network safe below.

Look at the Information of Site Owner

The first element to identify Private Blog Networks is the information of site owner. When you want to determine the websites are part of PBNs or not, you can check it through WHOIS database. If the websites you found owned by the same person, there will be possibilities that they are connected.

The IP Address

IP Address is also important aspect to identify Private Blog Networks. You should observe do they use the same IP address or not. This IP address is related to the hosting. If you want to identify which sites are hosted with other site, you can utilize a tool namely It will help you to search for the websites that use the same IP address or belong to the same owner.

Check the Backlink Profile

The third  element which is very important to identify Private Blog Networks is the backlink profile. In using PBNs, people have their own strategies to get backlink. For those who don’t know backlink profile or BP, you can say it as the identity of a domain. If you want to get the effectiveness of PBN, it’s a recommended to get domain with good quality of BP. But this article more focuses on how to identify PBNs especially for beginners. You can check the backlink profile in some tools like Ahrefs or Majestic.


The fourth element to identify Private Blog Networks is duplication. As it’s not a white hat tactic, some people may don’t know to setup PBN properly. You may find duplication of contents, images, and  videos. As it’s not easy to create all of them, there will be possibilities that the same person or PBNs owner put them in other sites. If you want to check the content duplication, you can copy a paragraph through search engine. While for the videos and image, you also can search them through Google.

Design and Themes

The next elements to identify Private Blog Networks is design and themes. As we discussed before, PBNs usually use the same IP address and use the same WHOIS information. But there are still other elements which are design and themes. You can identify the PBNs through its WordPress themes or design.