Importance of Knowing Farm Links

farm links

When you already know the basic information about Farm Link, you might be understand what is farm link itself. But it’s not enough if you don’t know the importance of knowing Farm Links. As it’s not a White Hat Seo, there will be many thoughts on your mind. Does it safe? or should you use this way? are the possibilities to ask. Commonly it also happens when you want to manage a Private Blog Network or PBN. It’s not easy to manage it especially for a purpose like guest post. Planning a strategic technique is what can save you.

That’s why having knowledge of black hat SEO like Farm Link is very necessary for SEO campaigns. It will be easier for you to identify anything related to Farm Links. If you want to know the importance, it will discuss from good and bad points below.

Increase Visitors and Page Rank due to High Accessibility

According to its story in the past, the appearance of Farm Links was  to attracted  more visitors. People hope that it could help them to increase product sales. But then it’s proven by linking a site to other sites which result backlink to the main website. From the websites that are connected to each other, it will give you that benefit to increase visitors. Besides, it will also affect page rank due to high accessibility. When you know the right way, it will lead your visitors to go to your each website easily. This is the good point you will get in using Farm Links.

Google Doesn’t Like It

Even though there is benefit you get, but you should remind yourself that Google doesn’t like it. As you know that it belongs to Black Hat Seo. Back again to the definition of Farm Link, It’s a term for a site with lots of outbound links or links to other sites. But the number of links doesn’t accompanied by quality of the content. It will make Google suspicious and de-index your site. So for those who want to build backlink, you need to be careful in attaching your link on a site. This is the negative side you will get in using Farm Links.