Important Points of Relevancy or Power Private Blog Network

relevancy or power private blog network

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As the name implies, Private Blog Network meant to be hidden from Google. People should be really careful of leaving footprints because it’s related to the page rank in search engine. If Google can detect it, of course you can’t pass down SEO link juice to the money site. That’s why you should know what is this technique. Relevancy or power Private Blog Network becomes one of the concerns. This is very important basic to think about before building your PBN by yourself or using PBN service.

The Right Backlinks Source

The first point of relevancy or power Private Blog Network is about backlinks. If you don’t know yet, using PBN also give effective result same as when you use White Hat technique like guest post. You have that freedom to determine which niche blog for backlinks source. Adjust the number of outbound links and increase heavy keywords competition are the plus values. When you can apply relevancy or power Private Blog Network, it will make your money site reach the page 1 of Google easily.

Unique Content Quality

Besides backlink, what else can boost power of your PBN? Content quality also need to take care like backlink source. It’s because the uniqueness and originality will be preferable. Google will not suspect the PBN site if the content is quality and compelling. But if you want to keep using spin tool, make sure that you use the best one. This is the second point which also affects relevancy or power Private Blog Network.

Avoid Irrelevant links

You have probably seen advertisements for PBN links. But were you aware about theirs quality? Since there are bunch even tons of sites giving monthly paid links, it will be difficult to observe one by one. This becomes a problem because not all of them offering niche relevancy. Remember that Google is focusing more about this relevancy or power Private Blog Network. When you can’t avoid irrelevant links, you can’t avoid Google detection.