Improve Result with Competitor’s Private Blog Network

private blog network

As a private tool to rank sites, Private Blog Network becomes more popular lately. No wonder if there are Seo businesses that offer services include PBN building. You might already applied White Hat tactic like guest post before. Reporting those who use PBN could be beneficial for you. But do you know that you can use competitor’s Private Blog Network to improve result? It sounds sophisticated, isn’t it? If you want to know how, you can try some tips below.

Learn the Link Profile of the Private Blog Network

It does need process to find Private Blog Network out there. Backlink is the one that affects the result. That’s why backlink research is necessary to do. You can learn the link profile of so that you know whether it’s used to rank sites or not. Yeah it sounds difficult to uncover other PBN. But don’t worry because there are some tools for this purpose such as AhRefs and Majestic. The use of these tools will make you easier to sort out. After that, you can create a list and put all the sites you’ve found.

Aspects to Determine

Learn the link profile is not enough, you still need to look at some aspects. There are actually basics to determine a Private Blog Network.  If you want to know about the PBN itself, you should make a manual check. How to point out a fake Blog Private Blog Network could be something you’ve been looking for. There will be some possibilities that show the sites you’ve found are the part of PBN or not.

Discover Link Chance

Since it belongs to the Grey Hat tactic, we really need to treat Private Blog Network well. As we know that it’s really possible to find sites without any detail information even the contents. That’s why you have to discover which place is good to get backlink resource. But you can take it as an opportunity by offering better resource. Inform that their sites have useless resource. Even though you do the same way of link building, but you can get a good result.

Create Quality Resource

The last step how to use competitor’s Private Blog Network is create quality resource. There will be some ways you can do like creating contents. But it’s not the only way to improve result. You have to optimize it with strategic link building. Link the blogs to the target site with anchor text. Not only good for your PBNs but it also can be a strategy to defeat other competitors’.