Increase Backlink Using PBN Site Tips

increase backlink using PBN site

It does need to set a right strategy in choosing domain for PBN. It’s because not all the domains you found at the market place would be good. If you choose the wrong domain, it will be more difficult for you to increase backlink. For those who are looking for a solution, there are some tips to increase backlink using PBN site. They can be used in optimizing some activities like guest post. Don’t make the PBN you make in vain because you already spend much time and budget to build PBN site. Let’s then focus on some ways to increase backlink using PBN site below.

Make Internal Links More Natural

Internal links are important to make your website to look natural. This way will give an impression that you use conventional blog not for PBN. As the effect, you can avoid footprints and Google penalty. You can optimize your website easier to increase backlink using PBN site. But make sure that the internal links of your website are related . It will add more points Onpage SEO, especially with the same category.

Promote Money Site

The second tips of how to increase backlink using PBN site is promoting your money site. It’s always good for you to promote your money site. It’s because you can get more attention from the wider audiences. As the result,you can increase backlink which is very beneficial for your money site. The more people visiting your money site, the more profitable.

Creating More Banners on Widget

Still related to the previous tips, if we want to increase backlink using PBN, we can utilize more banners on widget. It’s a powerful way to increase backlinks because you can add or select targeted link. Put banners on your side bar to get more effectuality for all sides including your site’s SEO.