Is Private Blog Network Effective or not?

is private blog network effective

Optimizing website relying on Private Blog Network becomes popular for Seo specialists. It’s because the use of a collection of blog network which usually consists of good profile expired domain. But there are still pros and cons in using this PBN. From the minus side, you can’t use Private Blog Network at will. As it belongs to Grey Hat strategy, you really need to pay attention about footprints. That’s why you can learn about how to recognize a Private Blog Network site first. Then from the other site, you might think that is Private Blog Network effective or not? The answer is actually depends on how you manage your PBN. It could be very effective for some people who done it correctly and it will totally not for others. But it can be called as effective if we look at some points below.

Control the Process Fully

In the midst of your hesitation in determining is Private Blog Network effective or not, indeed you need PBN in this modern era of Seo. Control the process fully is the first reason why PBN becomes effective to use. But you should remember that it costs quite a lot as well as the effort for all the processes from researching, building, developing until maintaining. But yeah, as the result, you can control and scaling the link, anchor text, and other important strategy to avoid footprints.

Achieve High Ranking

Achieve high ranking also can be an evaluation in revealing is Private Blog Network effective or not. Who don’t want to make their site placed in the first page of search engine? All webmasters definitely want to achieve this.  Since you get a full control, it will make your way easier when you do it right. But you should do effort for the keywords. Target which keywords are likely to be sought by many people. Then you can get many visitors faster as well as the page rank. As the effect, you can utilize your sites more to get profit like guest post.

Get Backlinks on High Authority Pages

The third point that can be an evaluation of is Private Blog Network effective or not is get backlink on high authority pages. As we now that backlink is a reference from other sites to our website or vice versa. It will become an evaluation from Google to put your site in the search engine. Then using PBN will give you control for the links from referral websites.