How to make your website get high traffic is may be one of the most question asked by a website owner. For a blogger or people who do an online business, traffic is very important. Because all the bloggers or internet marketers will definitely want their website to be popular. Actually, there are many ways that we can do to help increase the number of visitors. There are some attempts that we can do to increase website traffic for free. But there are also some ways that need more costs. Which one is more suitable for your website? It takes constant effort so that the traffic will meet our expectation. The following are some ways how to make your website get high traffic.

Blog Walking

The first thing to do in how to make your website get high traffic is blog walking. It is an activity of visiting other websites that are still in touch with our blog. Then leave a comment on that website. There are many blogs that provide columns for people to comment on their site. You can leave the URL of your website there. But remember never leave spam comments on other websites because it will only give a bad image of you as a blogger or an internet marketer. Make it a habit to read the article written first before leaving a comment. So you understand the comment that fits the article’s topic. By commenting well and leave the URL of your blog in the column provided, then you will get backlinks towards your site. In addition, it is likely other visitors on that blog will also visit your website when they see the comments that you provide.

Through Social Bookmarking Sites

How to make your website get high traffic? Go to social bookmarking sites.  The social bookmarking sites originally created to assist netter store the website address they like. It will make it easier for them when they wanted to open up the website later. Nowadays, the social bookmarking site is often used for SEO optimization and also to get traffic. We can store the URL of the blog/website URL or post a blog article we belong to the social bookmarking sites. In the hope that other users would be interested in the URL that we submit. In addition, social bookmarking sites also often get traffic from the search engine. It has enough potential and should be put to a good use.

Through Social Media Sites

Social media site is the other way how to make your website get high traffic. The growth of social media users in Indonesia alone is experiencing a very significant improvement. The development of smartphones in Indonesia has also been growing rapidly. Most of the smartphone users must have a social media account, at least one of the social media sites. Surely, this is the potential traffic for the owner of the websites. The popular business social media will not be difficult to get the attention of other social media users. That’s why many businesses owner is increasing an increase in profit after optimizing their social media for their business.

Guest Posts On Other Blogs

The last way how to make your website get high traffic guests posts on other blogs. There are many blogs that give a chance to other people to submit articles or content and put up a link on their blog. The article or content that we post on their blog must be in accordance with the criteria they specify before. We can put up a link to our business website at the author. Some blogs allow their writers to put up a link to the article.