Making Private Blog Network to Get Link

Link building is very important for our sites. Between various backlink types, you might ever heard about contextual backlink. It’s considered as the most powerful for link building. But let us know first what’s the meaning of contextual here. This kind of backlink comes from the article with the same theme on a website. If previously you use the others middle to lower backlink strategies like comment, profile, and social bookmark, you need to improve it more for contextual backlink. There is a way to realize it called as Private Blog Network. Making Private Blog Network for contextual backlink is actually not easy. It’s because PBN offers a risk that you need to be careful with. But you can learn it little by little through this article. It will take a main role to increase your website reputation to be  in the search engine through keywords.

What to Do before Registering?

After focusing on the simple definition of contextual backlink, now it’s time to concentrate yourself in building a quality PBN. Before making Private Blog Network for contextual backlink, of course you need to follow the requirements. There are some things you need to pay attention about before registering the domain. Owning a domain with an age more than a year is very necessary. It’s because will affect the Domain Authority and Page Authority.

If you are wondering how to see the DA and PA score as well as the age of the domain, you can use tools like MOZ and Whois. You just need to visit the website, register with email, type the URL,and find out the score. While if you want to use Whois, it’s even simpler because you just need to visit the website and type the domain. Besides, you have to make sure that the domain is still indexed by Google. Learn the important points of Google Indexed Pages Whois for more detail.

Process to Apply in Building a PBN

Same as when you want to do guest post or guest blogging, you should know what ways can help you to get quality backlinks. In making Private Blog Network for Seo needs, it’s important to make the contents on your site interesting. Then in correlation with contextual backlink, you need to include the link in the content. For instance, when you are managing a blog, you need to add new post and create internal or external backlinks with anchor text. This is what we call as contextual backlink. They are not placed within the other sides like navigation, widgets, footer, sidebars, or ads. But make sure that you include the backlinks naturally.

The Reason to Prefer Contextual Backlink

If you are still worry in making Private Blog Network for contextual backlink, you actually don’t need to do it anymore. Even though Google targeting PBN as a bad way, but you still can make  it works properly. As the effect, it will become a great asset for your site. That’s why you need to pay attention about the strategy for getting contextual backlink like applying relevancy of contents to include the backlinks.