Private Blog Network for Seo

private blog network for seo

Because of its exclusivity, Private Blog Network for Seo becomes a good topic to discuss. Different with conventional blog, not all people have access in this Private Blog Network or PBN. But there are still many people who consider it as a strategic technique in Seo. If you are not familiar yet about what is Private Blog Network, you can learn about the basic information first. However PBN usually relies more on the domains’ strength with page rank and already had backlinks before.There are more things you should know about Private Blog Network for Seo below.

Gray Hat Strategy

As a powerful strategy, Private Blog Network in Seo belongs to a Gray Hat Strategy. Why is that so? Why not white or black?. According to its security, it’s in the middle between white and black or we can say that PBN is not safety enough nor very dangerous. But, if you can do it carefully, you can get the benefits easily. The thing you need to prepare before using PBN is the budget. It’s not cheap to create PBN or get the the service from guestpost provider because it requires much money. Basically, PBN can be created using any platforms including the free ones such as WordPress.  But the most recommended and strong is paid self-hosted.

Metrics Score

Based on where does the Private Blog Network for Seo come from, it’s generally from the expired domains with high quality websites. You can see the quality from the metric scores which are Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), Trust Flow (TF), and Citation Flow (CF). All these are from the previous owner who already optimized the PBN before and get the strong backlinks from the high authority websites.

The Use of Premium Tools

It’s not easy to find the suitable expired domain  to be the Private Bog Network for Seo. But you still can use the premium tools such as Moz dan Majestic. You can utilize one of them which you think more worthy. But the point is they both have  value for different tasks.

How Does it Help You?

From the people who want to use Private Blog Network for Seo, you should know how does it work. When you are contacting the Seo company, it means that you want rank higher on Google SERPs, right? The Seo company will offer you the best sites with thin content and gives you backlinks to your money site through its PBNs.