Private Blog Network Software to Avoid Footprint

private blog network software

Are you looking for solution to help rank your money sites? You might be tired of using white hat like guest post. Even though there is possibility of building and using a personal blog network. Earlier, many SEO specialists created this kind of page only for high rank. No wonder if Google has imposed sanction on this PBN in 2014. Now, if you still want to build a PBN, avoiding negative outcome becomes a necessity. Private Blog Network Software may help you to manage your PBN. Don’t let your sites to look unnatural and irrelevant to your audience. It’s your time to create a good strategy and attract more traffic. There are software that you can use below.

PBN Tester Pro

You surely can look for a Private Blog Network software according to your preference. But which one offers zero footprint? This becomes a main issue you need to think about because it’s not easy to discover a software that works well. You have to look at overviews to unsure yourself. PBN Tester Pro is the first recommendation of Private Blog Network software to try. There will be bunch of amazing features that can make your way simpler.

If you are wondering what are the features, there are Ranking Statistics, Indexation Status, Time Lapse, Worldwide Location, and Zero Footprints. As the name implies, you can guess what these features are used for. For instance, Ranking Statistics is useful to track the keyword rank and Zero Footprints is to keep your PBN safe without any footprint. While for the price, you will spend money start from $ 10 per month.

PBN Manager Pro

The second recommended Private Blog Network software is PBN Manager Pro. It also works the same as the previous PBN Tester Pro that leave no footprints. But what makes this software is different from another is the features. There are Create Posts/Pages, Auto Updater, Post/Page Management, Backups, Zero Footprints, and Unlimited Websites. If you want to manage your posts and pages from multiple website at the same time, you can use Post/Page Management. While if you want your sites without footprints, you can use Zero Footprints. For the cost, you will spend $25 per month.