Quality Backlink for SEO Off Page


Getting quality backlink is necessary to improve Search Engine Result Page. You can use SEO Off Page strategy which is an optimization from outside the website. Since there are some improvements in Google Algorithm, it requires people who want to optimize their site become more careful. The use of website for SEO business including guest post becomes very powerful now. If you are going to use SEO Off Page strategy, you need to know about criteria of quality backlink first.

It Comes From Relevant Niche

The first criteria of quality you should know is it comes from relevant niche. Why you should get backlink from relevant niche? It’s because the more relevant the backlink is, the more also natural impression you get from Google.

It must be Contextual Link

The second criteria of quality you should know is it must be contextual link. Contextual link in here refers to the link which is on the content. This kind of link is qualified because it commonly relates to the content of article.

It Comes from Aged Domain

The third criteria of quality you should know is it comes from aged domain. The reason why aged domain becomes preferable because it’s considered has faster way in indexing. Although it’s not always absolute that aged domain has high authority, but using aged domain is more safety to get backlink. According to its benefit, the age domain also used by webmaster to build Private Blog Network or PBN.

It has Good Domain Authority and Page Authority

Still related to the previous criteria, quality can be seen from its good Domain Authority and Page Authority. For those who own website with high authority and trust, Google is not reluctant to give high page rank. As the effects, the quality of the backlink also becomes more powerful. So, if you want to get quality backlink, you can look for website with high score of DA/PA. There are some tools you can utilize such as Moz.

Choose Backlink with Low Outbound Link

Based on the effectiveness, it’s better for you to get backlink with low outbound link than getting outbound link with huge numbers. It’s because the more outbound links, the more also division between links on the same page. Because, it will also give spam impression which is unliked by Google.

One Way Link

In the past, it was necessary to did link exchange which effected to two ways link. But as the development of Google algorithm, it’s no longer effective for getting backlink and increasing Page Rank. It might be because there was people who abuse it. Some people say that one way link is better than two ways link because we get the backlink without giving feedback link.