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Having a personal blog is a good start for those  who want to make money…

blog creation sites

Having a personal blog is a good start for those  who want to make money online. There are already many blog creation sites that you can analyze. But you might be difficult to decide which platform to use. The first thing you should know is about the types of the platforms. Which one you prefer more? Free or premium which is self hosted blog. Platform itself is already used by online businesses and optimize it using SEO.

No wonder if there are many people who utilize platforms such as for guest post. But if you are still new in blogging, it’s better for you to use free platform. Collect more knowledge how to manage a blog and familiarize yourself with anything about blog first. Then when you are ready to develop your blog more, you can use premium platform. If you want to know what are blog creation sites to look at, you can see them below.


The number one of blog creation sites is WordPress. Who doesn’t know this famous free platform? WordPress is already used by bloggers around the world. It’s because this platform is the most powerful content management system for bloggers.You can do all types of blogging such as personal blogging or even professional. Besides, you also can utilize it to the next level to get backlink. But there are some lacks such as get limitation for themes customization and few options to monetize blog. If you want to utilize it further such as for Private Blog Network or PBN, you should plan a strategy first.


The number two of blog creation sites is Weebly. This is also a quite popular free platform in blogging world. Many people already utilize it because of its versatility. Besides, it’s also an easy to use platform by dragging and dropping the items such as for menu, category,or page. As the benefit, you can create new pages quickly. In using this platform, you will get that access for themes and layouts customization.


The number three of blog creation sites is Wix. According to its slogan “It All Starts with Your Stunning Website”, Wix is the perfect medium who want to manage a blog with beautiful design. It offers drag and drop items with more than 500 designer-made templates as well as additional features and apps. For those who want to build stunning looking site, you should choose Wix.


The number four of blog creation sites is Tumblr. This next platform is suitable for those who are focusing on more visualization. It’s a combination between blog with social network platform like Twitter and Facebook. It will make images you want to share to viewers look visually appealing. Not only images, but you also can show videos and music.


The number fifth of blog creation sites is Blogger. According to its name, you can expect that Blogger could be a good place for you to use. It’s a free blogging platform which simply requires you to simply sign in with your Google ID and get your blog. Besides, you also can customize your your blog with new themes. But since it’s a Google service, you should be more careful in managing your blog.


Hubpages becomes the sixth site you can observe. By using this platform, you can share your story to wide community. Besides, it’s also a good option for those who want to develop their creativity in blogging. You can share  words, pictures and videos to inform or interact with readers easily. It has a unique set of tools that can help you to build audiences and create articles.


Medium is the next site you can use for blogging. It’s also a free platform which allow you to create story or personal space on website. It’s easy to use because you just need to create account using email or Twitter. For those who are insightful, it’s the right medium for you to develop yourself. But since it’s owned by “Medium Corporation”, it will limit you to customize design or layout.

Live Journal

Live Journal becomes the next site  which offers free and paid version. If you want to avoid its free advertising, you can choose the paid version. It will give you benefits to get more features like multiple author blogs, calendars, and poll. You also can get social media features that you can’t get in other platforms. One more thing makes Live Journal better is the use of other languages besides English. That’s why for those who are not confident enough with their English, you can utilize Live Journal.


Penzu is a good place for those who want to publish various journals. You can create journals on your blog without limitation of uploading images as well as the storage for the users. There are some features you can get to use Penzu which are Auto Saving Feature, Smartphone Access, and Easy to Use Navigation.


If you are looking for free but hassle blogging platform, Jimdo is the right place for you. Not only that, it also becomes a good website builder for online business. It’s because the features are not hassle to use. For those who don’t know much in coding, you can use Jimdo which does’t require you to spend much money.

Postach is a unique platform which requires you to create Evernote account. It’s a free blogging platform which uses external note organizing program. Many people claim that Postach offers easiest way to blog. It’s because you just need to connect a notebook to Postach and  make your note published.


The next reference you can choose is Svbtle. This platform works similar to Medium which is perfect for those who want to make your words heard. Through Svbtle, you can share  and develop your ideas to the world. If you have a passion in writing, it’s good for you to try blogging with Svbtle.


For those who are looking for platform which is easy to use like WordPress, you can try Ghost. It’s even better than WordPress because it has elegant template design. Although it offers 14 day free trial, but then you will spend money according to how much traffic you get. That’s why you need to plan a strategy to manage your blog. is the next reference which provides very simple website look. If you go to its website, you will only find “Enter a name for your page and add a password to create new page. What features you will get in using this platform? You can drag image into place and create multi page posts using a tag.


Yola is the next medium for blogging to try. There will be some benefits you can get such as 1 GB of storage, bandwidth, and without unsightly third-party ads. Besides, there are also dozens of template that you can customize as well as drag and drop widget.


The last reference you can try is Based on its name, it’s a right place for education related blog. If you want to own a free bog, you can create blog as a student, teacher, or institution. It’s free to sign up to this Edublogs. But when you want to be more serious in managing a blog, you can use the premium version which gives more than 250 themes and 1 GB of storage space.