build PBN tips

Because it’s not safe to use Private Blog Network or PBN, you are as the owner need to make it secures. If you want your PBN works smoothly, you really need to know how to avoid Google penalty. Hiding footprints is the crucial aspect you should think about. Don’t let Google de-index your PBN by following safety build PBN tips. This article will give you suggestion how to make Google can’t detect your PBN. Besides content quality and relevancy, there are other things you need to follow from safety build PBN tips below.

Protect Every Domain

The number one of safety build PBN tips is protect every domain using Whois Protect. For those who are still not familiar with this kind of protection, you should know that it’s a service provided by almost domain registrar to hide information about the domain register. This is a good option for you to avoid footprints. Protect your every domain so that your identity can’t be seen by others.

Besides, you also can use dedicated IP or Internet Protocol address. IP address itself is a sequence of numbers assigned to each device which is accessible to the internet. In a simple explanation, it’s a unique label which makes internet or website enable to identify specific device when it’s accessing the website. When we talk about SEO or Search Engine Optimization, it’s good for you to use dedicated IP address. It can link the SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificate to your site which is very beneficial to develop and increase traffic for your business including the guest post.

Knowing the Suitable Hosting

The number two of safety build PBN tips is knowing the suitable hosting. Before you are going to choose the hosting service, it’s good to know about the options first. Hosting itself is a home for website which is also important thing to make your website online and can be accessed by others in the form of HTTP, FTP, EMAIL or DNS. There are two options you can choose which are shares hosting with multiple hosts and SEO hosting. For the shared hosting, it’s suitable to used by small network which uses maximum of 2 websites, while for the SEO hosting, it’s suitable for large network which requires to use different IP series and name server.

Use Multiple Content Management System

The number three of safety build PBN tips is use multiple Content Management System or CMS. As our focus to avoid footprints or Google penalty, it’s better for you to use more than one CMSs. We all know that WordPress can make anything easy. But are you sure that all your high quality backlinks are from WordPress only? For the diversification reason, don’t use only one platform for your all blogs. One thing you need to think about is also use unique themes for your every site.

Avoid the Interlinking

The number four of safety build PBN tips is avoid the interlinking. It’s not a good decision to use your two or more websites to link to your money site at once. It’s because it will leave a trail or massive footprints. Don’t interlink your PBN in sidebar or footer. It’s really not a safe way to do.