Tips for using Social Media For Business


Social media is the fruit of the progress of science and technology that is used for social activities in the context of the virtual world. Maybe we also have an account and use it for the benefit of communicating, sharing photos or something and so forth. However, behind all this, we can use your social media for business activities, especially introduce your products to fellow users of social media. We this time, I will discuss tips utilizing social media for business interests. We just see below;

Facebook Fans Page

Facebook fans page can be used for our business interests. We can build it and manage it to life. Fanspage can make friends with as many accounts as possible. Unlike normal accounts that max only 1000 – 5000 only. Likewise when we use fanspage for business, then we will be viewed professionally and raise the level of trust of the users or your audience. Managing fanspage faceboon for business purposes can not only be run by posting or updating fanspage with photos or posts about products sold or just your business, but also other things. Post articles to interesting image content that can raise the interest of facebook users to like your fanspage.


Twitter is also often used for business purposes, because it is a lot of users who certainly will raise the opportunity of the general public to know and realize the existence of our product or brand. Well, in the implementation of business using twitter is somewhat different, because it is not like facebook fan page who can write and upload a picture of a heart. On twitter we are not allowed to write long lengths, meaning that in the use of this twitter, we can only promote or discuss business and advertise a short course. For that, we must have a website that can be linked from tweet on our twitter.


Social a media is often used for people to share photos or video. Well, you can also memafaatkan this social media for the benefit of your business. For the management itself is not much different from twitter. You can upload and post photographs of interesting photos or pictures of sights, tourist destinations, tutorials, creativity outcomes to video trend videos. Point to increase the number of followers of your instagram account as much. To get a loyal audience like this, you can take advantage of interesting content such as images or writing text to the creative video content you have. Just after that, you can post your business content as a distraction, but remember you also have to keep posting the interesting content. Likewise in the implementation of utilizing social media for the benefit of your business, this can not be run easily. Because there are so many long obstacles and processes that you have to go through, but the majority of executors of these things who remain patient and consistently maximally manage them, get mixed results. Good luck.