Starting a Private Blog Network Focus on Content

Content Management System is very crucial to think about when you want to build PBN….

starting a private blog network

Content Management System is very crucial to think about when you want to build PBN. It’s because Private Blog Network is a collection of domains which uses CMS to manage it. Did you ever hear about the power of PBN? Even though it’s not as safety as the white hat tactic like guest post, but it’s considered good for Seo. However starting a Private Blog Network is not easy. But you still can learn it by yourself. This article will help you to prepare the strategies below from the content side.

Knowing the Time and Schedule

In keeping your PBN safety, of course you need to supply it with good contents. But the first point you should understand in starting a Private Blog Network is about timing. You might asking how often you can add contents to PBN sites. The answer is actually different from one to another. Since the needs are also different, you have to look at your own strategy, whether it’s weekly or monthly. But realistically, if you add contents weekly, it will spend more money, especially when you have more than 50 PBNs. Maybe you need to make a schedule for this monthly for more strategic.

How to Get Good Content?

After thinking about scheduling, now it’s time to think about the quality of content. Do you already have a plan to hire content writer or else? There are actually good places to find the best content writer or copy writer like UpWork. If you need articles as soon as possible, you really need to think about this in starting a Private Blog Network.

Follow the Posting Guidelines

Then, it comes to follow the posting guidelines. Since your main aim is to build a PBN, you have to learn about formatting. It doesn’t always to be a complicated one. You can adjust it according to your need. But making it simple will be make it easier to manage. Besides, there are still some aspects you need to pay attention about which are homepage and inner page. It’s all about the way you get backlink. Some people agree that homepage gives most link juice. But there will be a possibility of getting footprint. So, you have to make it natural by following the post guidelines.