Strategies outdoor Private Blog Network

outdoor private blog network

It’s true that using White Hat Seo is way better than using the Black or Grey. Did you ever hear about a popular strategy in ranking website called as Private Blog Network?.  Even thought you can re-design your PBN to be loved by Google, but it’s not as easy as you think. Figuring out how to rank website outdoor Private Blog Network could be a good idea. The existence of Search Engine Optimization or SEO becomes a medium for those who intend to make a long term investment. There are actually two kinds of Seo strategies which are Seo On Page and Seo Off Page.

As the name implies, Seo On Page focuses more on optimizing individual pages. So it requires you to follow some guidelines like including keyword on the contents, tags, use outbound link, as well as meta descriptions. Then how about the Off Page? You can get the answers below. If you have website, you can apply following strategies to rank website outdoor Private Blog Network. There will be possibilities to create websites that come on first page in Google ranking search results.

Try Guest Post on Relevant Blogs

Along with the improvement of bloggers these days, there are categories appear in any fields. It can be about beauty, fashion, automotive, and so on, and so forth. Then all of these categories are adapted to what blog owner wants. It’s your chance to rank website through guest post. Manipulating links through PBN could give a faster result, but does it long last? Look for the opportunities on other  websites.You will get some benefits to promote your business, get quality backlink as well as improving visitors to your website.

Post Valuable Comments on other Blogs

Besides applying guest post, you also can be a critical person. Post valuable comments on other blogs and interact with the blog owner. It will help you to create traffic to your own website. It might seems difficult to get backlink faster by doing this strategy, but the process is still helpful. Make sure that the comments you post are valuable. When the blog owner notices you, this can be profitable in the long run.

Focusing on Building High Quality Backlinks

The next strategy when you are trying to rank website outdoor Private Blog Network is focusing only on building high quality backlink. This is the most challenging strategy in Seo. You might find it really hard to achieve your goals at the first time you manage your website. But there’s a will there’s a way. Observe which websites have valuable and relevant backlinks. It becomes one of criteria from Google you need to always remember.

Contribute Something through Question and Answer Website

Same as when you contribute something valuable through commenting on other blogs, you can be more strategic. Question and answer website could be the best place in improving visibility of your blog/website. Did you ever realize when you are looking for an answer of a complex issue through search engine? You might found some websites include Quora. It can be said that Quora belongs to the social networking. All people have a chance to make an interaction by asking and answering questions.

Applying Linkroundsup

The next safe strategy outdoor Private Blog Network is applying linkroundsup. If you are wondering how this strategy works, it links out to favorite content for a certain period. Of course it needs effort in finding content to link to. But it’s truly mutually beneficial for the bloggers. When you already pitch the blogger who applies roundups, you have to connect it to social media. As the result, you will gain more backlinks through this strategy.