Marketing Mix 4 P’s Concept Systems

The marketing mix is the term used to describe the combination of the four major shaping core systems of an organization’s marketing. The four elements are product offerings, pricing structures, promotional activities, and systems. Thus, mix marketing is a concept how to put the right product at the right time, place and the appropriate price. This is what became known as the 4p’s marketing mix concept.

Although the company’s management mix can virtually strengthen marketing and some external forces can still be a goal. The four elements in the marketing mix (4p’s) are related to each other. For more details, I will explain to the four elements are as follows:


Managing elements of the product include planning and development of the right product. To change products that require strategy, add new products, and perform other actions that affect various products.


In determining the price, management must determine the right base price for its product. Management must determine the strategies concerned with discounts, freight payments, and various other variables relating to price


Promotion is an important part of building relationships between companies and the outside world. As companies launch new products, the right marketing strategy is a promotional strategy. Promotions can be made through advertising, individual sales, or sales promotions. In the digital era like today, there are so many media that can be a place for companies to conduct promotional activities.

The place

Marketing distribution activities aim to find marketing excellence and look for corporate partners. Distribution activities are also associated with proper channel selection. So it can build and distribute products timely and without significant power.

Furthermore, the concept of the 4p marketing mix is experience expansion into 7p’s with the increasing concept of people, process, and physical environment.


People deal with internal parties that exist within an organization or company. Both the management and the elements of the existing employees must jointly uphold the companies that are also the organizational culture that is also one element of the concept of these people.


The process is related to the existing system within the company. Better payment systems, distribution channels, etc., will have a good impact on marketing processes outside the company.


Physical the environment is related to physical conditions that directly relate to the marketing process such as comfort, facilities, clarity, and others.

Well, so the concept of the marketing mix that became the most reliable strategy in doing marketing, both 4p’s and 7p’s concept. Maybe useful.