Tips to Build “Websites” That Affect Your Business

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The Internet not only makes human life easier but also has great potential to develop business opportunities (Marketplace guest post). Just by looking at the number of internet users only, we can see that the internet is a powerful medium to create awareness for your business.

As an illustration, in Indonesia alone there are more than 132 million Internet users and global internet users have reached 3.5 billion users.

Having a presence on the internet can provide cost-effective solutions for virtually any business to be visible and known to customers and potential customers. Every business can also decide to be part of this growing digital world by registering domain names (web addresses) and building their websites.

However, the biggest challenge to online business success is creating traffic (to websites) and this requires longer process and time.

Here are some basic things that can be of concern, according to the release of Verisign, a global company in the domain name and Internet security:

1. Registering a domain name

The first important step to doing business on the internet is to choose and register a domain name that helps drive your company’s visibility on the web. Choosing to use your own domain provides several advantages.

First, it helps you to brand your business. Secondly, this domain name will forever be the address of your website even if you decide to move the website provider. Thirdly, the domain name allows your company to have branded emails through the domain name.

In addition to domain names, you should also choose the right domain extension, such as

2. Set goals in having a website for your business (Marketplace Guest Post)

Will the website promote the company, a marketing tool to advertise your offline business? Or, will the website be an eCommerce store (Marketplace guest post) where visitors can buy goods and services online?

3. WEB Surfing

When you have a clear purpose for your website, it would be good to surf the web (web surfing). Review other websites for the functionality you love.

4. Design and appearance.

A site must be visually appealing and professional. This general guide can help:

  • Be careful in the use of colors, too much color can divert visitors from existing written content. A good color scheme consists of only 2 or 3 primary colors only.
  • Provide sufficient white space in your design. A neat arrangement allows viewers to focus on your message.
  • Improve visual appeal with quality graphics and/or photography. These graphics and photography are selected to add meaning or context to your written content.
  • Creating trust through your content. The content on your website should be informative and relevant to your audience – by showing that you are an expert and understanding the needs of the readers; this will generate trust in your brand.
  • Choose websites that are easy to navigate. Navigation is the roadmap of your website. Visitors to your website should know three important things: where they are, where they can go, and how they can get back to where they came from.
  • Remember, your website visitors are in a hurry, do not make them pursue the information or get them guessing where their next destination is.
  • Be interactive. Create response formats and other communication tools to let visitors and customers interact with you to share responses or make a request.
  • Create a secure online payment system. If your website offers a choice of purchasing goods or services online, you should make sure it has taken sufficient steps to make your site visitors safe and comfortable to transact on your website.
  • Check your website carefully before live: Make sure all the text, images, colors, and page layout are correct and there are no spelling errors. If left unattended, this can make your website visitors think that your business is an amateur.
  • Promote your website to be found on the internet. You can help increase visibility by including a full domain name on virtually every communication medium your company uses, from business cards to office supplies.

In addition, you may want to register a domain name on an online search engine because of the large number of internet users who are utilizing search engines to find companies and businesses.

Some technical adjustments may need to be made when developing a website so it has the potential to respond more effectively to certain searches performed by internet users, something that