What is Expired Domain? Basic Info

what is expired domain

Buying domain is very common for those who deal with internet business like guest post. Whether it’s for private website, company, or money site aka the main website to get profit, it requires you to have domain. Do you already know any types of domain? There are some types you can buy from marketplace such as expired domain. But what is expired domain itself? Why should you buy the expired one instead of new domain? Wait, don’t be in hurry in knowing some important things about what is expired domain? You can learn about some points below carefully.

Brief Introduction

What is expired domain? It’s a domain which is not renewed by the owner until specific time. There are many reasons why then expired domain not longer belongs to the owner such as budget reason. Commonly, the domain registrar give you a chance to renew it in 30 days. If you forget or straightly have no money to do it, you will simply loose that domain. As the result, the domain registrar do auction of the expired domain. The bidding will last for 7 days and give the domain to those higher bidder.

Then what about the reasons you should buy expired domain. Why don’t we buy new domain? When you buy new domain, it will require more time to spend because you must start it from the beginning. But, if you buy the expired domain especially with the high Page Rank value, you will be easier to set backlink building strategies. Since it’s used by the previous owner, you can utilizing it by using SEO techniques to get more backlinks. It means that you are just reusing domain which already managed before. So, you can get more efficiency including avoid Google penalty.

The Function

The second point you should know about what is expired domain is the function. There are some main functions which are very useful to apply. Firstly, it can be your money site or main website for earning. With its authority, expired domain is potential for money site. Secondly, it can be Private Blog Network or PBN. If you don’t familiar yet about what is Private Blog Network, you can learn it first. But using expired domain for PBN can boost the money site’s ranking in search engine. There are many SEO experts who utilize the good quality of  expired domain in getting backlinks to money site. Thirdly, it can bypass the link juice to a new domain with 301 redirect techniques. However it’s not good to apply by beginner because it will be at risk.

Some Things You Should Pay Attention About Before Finding Quality  Expired Domain

There are many things you should pay attention about before finding quality expired domain. The first tips you must remember is about the domain name. There is actually no rule about domain name. But it’s good for you to not choose domain name which consists of full number such as 123.com or in simple, at least the name is readable. Secondly, you should pay attention about the age which is minimum of 1 year. It’s because when you choose domain under 1 year, there must be something to suspected. Thirdly, you should take a look at the Domain Authority, Page Authority, as well as the Citation Flow and Trust Flow.