What is Private Blog Network

what is private blog network

Optimizing website is very important in SEO world. There are some ways that can be applied by every website owner such as using Private Blog Network or PBN.  But do you know what is Private Blog Network? For those who are new in SEO, Private Blog Network is a powerful strategy to get high quality backlink. If you want to know more about what is Private Blog Network, you can take a look at some basic information below.

What are in Private Blog Network

In this Private Blog Network, there are a group of blog networks which consist of expired domains with good profile. Good profile in here means that they have high Domain Authority as well as Page Authority, quality backlink, and of course they are expired. This kind of way already attracts many people because of its significant result. It can improve money site in search engine results pages or SERPs. But because it manipulates the backlink source, you should be careful with PBN. If you don’t do it safely, you can’t avoid Google penalty. There are some ways to make your manipulating process runs more naturally which are don’t spamming and use one same registrar with different IP Hosting.

The Reasons to Use Private Blog Network

There are some benefits you can get in knowing what is Private Blog Network. Firstly, you have that control to manipulating the backlink source. How many numbers, quality, and content can be arranged by the owner. It’s really not easy to do backlink because it spends much time, channeling effort, and resources into securing a link. So, if you use PBN, you can solve these problems. Secondly, it can save lots of time because you don’t have to build relationship. You are as the owner not only become the link owner but also the link builder. As the effect, you can get the result more quickly including the authority.

Tips  How to Treat Private Blog Network

After knowing what is Private Blog Network from the reasons to use PBN, you can follow some tips how to treat PBN. Because we should do it safely, we should know what Google wants. It’s better for us to make more natural articles by writing them manually. Create readable and unique articles to attract more visitors. Don’t forget to check the originality by using plagiarism checker. Besides, it’s also good if you publish the articles regularly, is it weekly or monthly. One thing you should remember is to use the backlink wisely. This is very important tips to follow for anyone especially who own guest post business.