What to Know about is Cloudflare Safe?

is cloudflare safe

In improving website performance, you surely need Content Delivery Network or CDN. It’s because  has responsibility to distribute website and other things which are related like website content. Cloudflare is the example of CDN service provider that has helped many people. As it’s related to the performance, it’s considered to make your website works faster. When you have a large business which requires speed, it’s good to try this CDN. But you might be wondering is Cloudflare safe? The result is actually different from one to another, however, you can learn about the basics first before make yourself sure to use Cloudflare.

What is Cloudflare?

Before deciding is Cloudflare safe or not, you can start to understand more about what is Cloudflare itself. It’s a Content Delivery Network which has better features than other standards CDN. There are two options of Cloudflare to choose which are free and paid. Even though you can get it for free, but the features are really interesting. Besides, there is also no limitation for the type of website even you can use it for Private Blog Network. As we know that PBN needs a different treatment to avoid footprints.

There are some aspects that you need to pay attention about like domain and hosting. From the domain side, you can maximize it such as to custom domain in Cloudflare. While for the hosting, you can get that opportunity to put unlimited sites on a single host. No one will know it, except yourself. As the result, the process of getting backlink will be going more smoothly. Even you can optimize more like real site for guest post that can impact Seo.

What are the Benefits?

So far, you can get three points which are free, speed, and secure in using Cloudflare. The answer of is Cloudflare safe or not can be seen here. But the most important is when you find your site attacked, it must go through Cloudflare first. There are also other benefits which are very beneficial for your website like blocking site access from certain regions or countries and provide free SSL.

The Minus Points

There is still one thing you need to look at in finding the answer of is Cloudflare safe or not. Besides benefits, you will find also the minus points. As the man-in-the-middle, there will be a possibility that when Cloudfare is down, your site will be the same. Other than that, Cloudflare also allows you to change the website security mode that can block dangerous attack. But at the same time, it also blocks the robots which makes it a loss.