What’s the Best Private Website Search?

private website search

Google becomes the most popular search engine used by people. As we know that there are many activities that use search engines like the need of backlink and Seo. Even guest post and PBN also need a role of search engine. But do you know if it’s risky for your privacy? Even though you can search anything you want, but it record and track anything too. There are some information taken when you are browsing such as User Agent and IP address. Based on this issue, you can start to think about using private website search. It seems impossible to remove ourselves from global grid. However, you can try alternatives by using other private website search that protect privacy.


DuckDuck Go becomes the first private website search to try. For those who want a safe search, you surely can use DuckDuck Go. Even though it’s safe, but this search engine has different way which doesn’t track your private information. There will be no leakage because DDC prevents this issue to be happened. It’s true that this search engine is as good as Google. You also can search anything including images and videos. In addition, it also has their own browser that you can download.


Hosting one of the search engine by your own sounds great, isn’t it? SearX is a unique one where it aggregates lots of search source. With the aim of protecting privacy, you don’t need to worry about your IP address. Besides, this private website search also let you to download source code and host on local machine. But you can expect much on this search engine because it’s not as good as Google. While if you don’t host this SearX, you will have to use public instances on GitHub page.


Startpage also can be your private website search. Data accuracy and security are two essentials when you choose Startpage. This has a simple search page without ads. You just simply search something and it will become an anonymous. It takes you to the site via a proxy when you click the result of your search. It shows that this search engine becomes the next good place to private information.


The last private website search to try is Qwant. Did you ever hear this one before? It has the same main aim as the previous search engines before. You really can use it freely without afraid of being tracked. This Qwant is not able to identify or use your personal data. There will be no advertising or other purposes which are annoying.