Why Blogging and Seo are Related?

blogging and seo

The existence of search engine like Google or Bing becomes a medium for everyone who look for anything. No matter what kind of website you have, it really needs  a strategy to make it visible in the search engine. Then Seo presents as a solution for those who want to optimize their website. Blogging is the first step you should do. It’s a good activity for Seo because it helps you to reach page rank. So, it’s clear that blogging and Seo are related to each other. If you are wondering how can they affect both side, you can see the reasons why blogging and Seo are related below.

Blog Gives You Opportunity for Backlinking

Link building is very important in the world of Seo. If you want to make your website or blog to be in the search engine, you need to make it qualified. The more number and quality of link direct to your blog, the more also advantage you get. In connection with Seo, ranking a page can increase popularity and visibility. Then you can try to work with reputable website . You will get those benefits of being linked and linking to others or we call it as backlink. This is the first reason how can blogging and Seo are related.

Blogging Makes Your Website Fresh

As it’s not easy to make our website to be in the high page rank, we need to know about some aspects. Content is the crucial element that effect the performance of our website in the search engine. If you want Google to put your site, you need to make it alive. Blogging is really beneficial to make your website fresh. But you need to write unique contents so that your site looks natural. This is the second reason why blogging and Seo are related.

Guest Blogging Opportunity

As important as backlinking, guest blogging or guest post is also beneficial for the Seo of your website. You can look for other bloggers which are expert on their field. But make sure that they are in the same niche as you. For better, you can find bloggers who already have popularity on their quality contents. But if you want to try more challenging way, you can try Private Blog Network or PBN for guest posting.  You can use service or build your own PBN.  This is the third reason why blogging and Seo are related.

Keywords Targeting

Keyword targeting is the last reason why blogging and Seo are related to each other. As the role in directing readers to our site, keywords are  the base commodity of search engine. But not all people know the right Seo strategy. Make sure that you choose unique keyword to lead people go to your site. You can set more strategic way like creating a phrase of several words which are most likely to search for the readers. Target your keywords and put them on the contents you want to publish. Make it to look natural so that you can avoid Google penalty.