Build Networks for Private Blog

build networks

Having private blog could be so challenging for those who are new in blogging. But it’s reasonable because  when we decide to choose Private Blog Network or PBN, there will be different treatment. It truly will not working properly if you don’t do it careful. There are already some benefits for PBN to use in Seo such as for guest post or backlink. Networking is one of those important aspects that everyone should build for Private Blog. There are some ways to build networks for Private Blog. It’s as an anticipation to avoid risk more when you want to own private blogs. If you can follow the tips, it will be easier for you to reach your goal.

Buy Domain from Different Registrars

Registrar is a place to determine the quality of your domain. When you are looking for a domain, you should be careful about which registrar to choose. As it’s for private blogs, it’s not a good idea to only use a registrar. If  you want your blogs to be safe, it’s better to buy domains from different registrars. But you should protect them with Who is. This in the number one of build networks for private blog to follow.

Use Different IP Address

Besides registrars, IP address also affects to your private blogs. It’s not safe to use the same IP address for each website in network. That’s why you need to put your sites in different hosting. Don’t ever try to use this way because Google can see if there is the same server location. Ensure that each site in your blog network is in different hosting. This is the number two of build networks for private blog.

Avoid Link out to Money Site More than Once

Link out to money site is necessary to do for your private blog. But you need to know which strategy is safe or not. If you are tempted to  to link out to all money-sites through a single domain, you also must be ready to get the consequence. Same as before, it will lead you to risk. Besides, you also need to know that each domain that link out to money site more than once is dangerous. Just do it once if you still want your site to be safe. This is the number three of build networks for private blog.

Your Content Should be Unique

Having unique or quality content is good for the continuity of your PBN. It’s not a good decision to use spun content. You can fill your each website with valuable contents. Quality is something that you can invest trough your PBN and money site. Treat both of them the same respect so that there will be imbalance that can make you into trouble.

Keep Link Profile Natural

Knowing how to do outgoing links are as important as the the elements before. Relevancy is the point you need to always remember in build networks for private blog. You need to make all the outgoing links from a single page lead to authority sites which are relevant to your niche. Commonly, you can put 2 to 5 outgoing links for each page. If you do it more than five times, it will make your link profile un-natural. That’s why you need to make it natural by following the tips.