Build Private Blog Network Simple Tips

build private blog network

Build Private Blog Network or PBN requires a long process. You can’t get it instantly because there are some steps to do. Furthermore, Google doesn’t like with those who use PBN. It’s because considered as manipulating SERPs. Based on this case, we really need to treat PBN carefully. There are already many examples of blogs which are de-indexed by Google. You don’t want to follow this way, do you? That’s why you need to follow tips of how to build Private Blog Network safe or away from footprint. If you do it write, there will be many advantages like how to use Private Blog Network for guest post. But as it’s not fast to create PBN, you need to be patient and think it as a long term investment.

Treat PBN like You Treat Money Site

As the name implies, you should make the blog privately. It’s like you do hide and seek with Google. It must be uncomfortable to use risky way. But when you are sure to build Private Blog Network, you need to treat it like you treat money site. Talk about money site, it can’t be separated with Search Engine Optimization or Seo. You should know well how to conquer search engine.It’s beneficial to make your main or money site to be in the first page in the search engine. . There are many factors that can make your to be in page one Google include quality backlink from relevant site.It’s same as when you use PBN, you should treat it well too. Don’t only fill it with one valuable content only but also create several categories with several articles.

Use Different Hosting for Each Blog

Use different hosting for each blog is important to build Private Blog Network. Remember that your purpose is to avoid footprint. It’s not wise to make your websites on a shared hosting account with 1 IP address. If you do it opposite, you will get caught easily. There are lots of hosting companies that you can choose to look for hosting.

Don’t Always Need to Create Super Cool Logo

Logo also has an important role to make your PBN safe. You don’t always need to create super cool one for each blog. By make it simple through Photoshop, you still can make your blog works. It’s good to make your PBN as closely as possible with money site. Besides logo, you need to pay attention about header and widget.

Create Good and Different Themes  for Each Blog

If you use WordPress, its good to use different themes for each blog. Installing a good theme can make your site to look more natural. Optimize it by setting the sidebar, menus, pages, contacts, and others. Install theme according to you preference, does it show full article on the homepage or read more. It may looks simple, but it’s good to build Private Blog Network safely.