Build Your Own Private Blog Network

build your own private blog network

As a technique to create backlink, Private Blog Network or PBN is considered as a grey hat strategy. It’s not strange anymore to talk about PBN especially for those who already jump in the world of Seo. But one thing you need to have for the first time before build your own Private Blog Network is the domain. Then you still need process to connect the domain with hosting and server. It truly requires more time and money if you want to use this PBN. There are many reasons why you should have PBN. As it’s not that difficult to look for source about the technical steps, this article will help you more with tips to build your own Private Blog Network for money site backlink.

Targeted Schedule for Contents

The first step you need to do to build your own Private Blog Network  for money site backlink is plan a targeted schedule for contents. Although it’s private blog network, but you need to treat PBN like money site. Content is something crucial you need to think about for your PBN. If you want to get impression that you are not using PBN, you need to fill it with good contents. Avoid spun or translating trick for the contents. For better, you can make a schedule to publish contents regularly.

Set Long Tail Keyword

Creating long tail keyword becomes the next important step to do. If you don’t know yet about long tail keyword or keyword derivative, it’s be relied by those who own new website. It’s because the use of long tail keyword are easier to rank. But even though it has less competition, but it’s usually has lots of numbers with a small number of search. That’s why for those who want to build your own Private Blog Network, you need to be patient in creating long article to lead to the long tail keyword.

Different Anchor Text

For the number three of tips to build your own Private Blog Network, you need to get backlink from each PBN to your money site. Using different anchor text is the right strategy. When you are ready to publish article, you might already put backlink that leads to money site. It’s related to how you use the anchor text on your article. You can vary it because according to the development of SEO, using the same anchor text as keyword is not good for our SEO.

The Number of Backlink to Money Site

There is one more thing you need to pay attention about to build Private Blog Network is the number of backlink to money site. As it’s not a white hat strategy, you can’t treat your PBN as you like. You need to follow the rule to avoid footprint. For the backlink side, you can’t backlink to the money site en masse. Be careful in making decision by looking at one that shows its movement after backlink. It’s not always strategic to use many numbers of backlink. Sometimes, by using 1 to 5 backlinks, you can enter the page one.