The Reasons Why to Have PBN for SEO


In this SEO era, all business goals can be reached easily and effectively. One of the cases you can find lately is the need of high page rank in search engine. There are some types of ways in SEO to solve it which are white hat strategy, black hat strategy, or between both of them. These ways can be called as the level of security. When you have a SEO business, you should know which strategy is profitable. But there is a preferable way which is using Private Blog Network or PBN. You can learn the most important reasons why to have PBN for SEO is important. Although it’s a Gray hat strategy which is between black and white, but utilizing PBN using the right way brings profit.

To Compete in More Competitive Niches

When we talk about SEO, we should have a good strategy to compete with the other competitors. The existence of Private Blog Network itself is to help you in maximizing SEO activities. It’s your responsibility to make your clients satisfy with your service. You must have PBN to compete in more competitive niches. Observe what makes other competitors success can put their website on the first page. There must be some  strategies such as have link from the local sources or published on the big media companies. This is a right decision to choose if your purpose is to make your clients’ sites to be in the first page on search engine.

To Rank Videos

Besides bringing your clients’ websites into the first page, the other reason why to have PBN for SEO is it can rank videos. If you ever searching for any keywords through Google, you might found some videos related to the keywords. This is the advantage if you use PBN for SEO. You can rank the page one through the videos as well as the other third parties such as your social media. When you link the articles to these third parties, it will definitely give backlink to the client’s website or simply it boost SERP.

Bring the Page Two into Page One

The third reason you should have PBN for SEO is because it brings your page two into page one. As we discussed before, PBN can boost SERP of your clients’ website. If you have guest post business, it’s a must to have PBN. In most cases, people are looking for the solution in making  their website from page two into page one. There will be some strategies to maximize the PBN such as link building and anchor text.